[Quote Quest] – Masturbation may and the foreplay/punishent I do to myself

“To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves.” 

Federico García Lorca

Self-pleasure in the form of masturbation is a desire which is constantly burning in me.
I keep it quiet, other than the odd post on twitter or reviews of toys I use to masturbate with in which case I’m not so quiet about it other than IRL.

The act of masturbation can be helpful to relieve stress and help me relax and so here’s a post about how I pleasure myself and what works for me.
As you can probably guess, being in the mood is important and can be where it starts, but depending on the day on question and life in general how I get down to business can vary quite a lot.

For me it’s not just about taking my hand and having a wank although yes, I do that sometimes and it can be fun to go back to basics with some added lube to help.
For the most part I like building up to masturbation, playing the long game with what I call foreplay or some might say is a punishment.

Taking those little bits of free time to get in the mood by browsing porn, downloading porn for later or scrolling through twitter and seeing hot images.
As these things are done inbetween IRL stuff I don’t always have the time or space to have wank but I am able to build up my excitement levels.
Also the act of not having a wank when I sometimes could have fit one in can be a punishment to myself, knowing how excited I got and purposefully stopping myself is a pleasure on it’s own without the orgasm

During the evening/night time (Assuming I’m not in work) I will usually be in a quiet home where I can use the excitement(Foreplay) I had throughout the day to get to wanking, and the release of pleasure can end up in an awesome orgasm whether I used toys or not.
By not having a wank when I definitely could during the day I see the eventual wank as a reward for abstaining and I like that as it’s the only time I do this sort of thing right now and It might be good for the future if I have a partner who wants me to not wank for as long as possible outwith my control

These orgasms can sometimes be EPIC if for whatever reason I’ve not done anything in several days, i.e. tiredness, busy with work or just having a break.

When I’m going through my IRL day to day routine I also see the act of having this desire to wank but keeping it quiet a further punishment.
Of course I won’t be shouting about to colleagues in work or family and some friends, but there is one IRL friend and a lot of people online who I could mention it to in passing via a tweet or whatever.
I don’t mention it though and keep it to myself where I want to see to it badly.

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