[Sinful Sunday]  I am… Who am I and who do I want to be?

[Sinful Sunday] I am… Who am I and who do I want to be?

This post was going to be a continuation from an early post I made on my sexuality but it just so happens to fit into the newest SinfulSunday prompt so why not write it for this.

The prompt is I am… and as you can see from the title I say Who am I?
Of course for those than know me, and as a reminder for those that may not, I am bi/pansexual which I came to be only in my 20s back in 2014/15.

Who am I?

Beyond my sexuality though I have been thinking about who I am, and how I see myself a person.

I freely label myself as a male. I was born with a penis and in my 30 smale is something that fits me since it’s all I’ve known, and unlike my sexuality I feel like I’m passed the stage where I’d be happy to change that. If I had an understanding in my late childhood and teens like I do now then I’m sure I’d have considered my gender a bit more.

I like many things you might have asocciated as male in the past, anyone can like anything regardless of gender though and while I do label myself male there’s a lot more to it than that.

I love wearing lingerie for more than just sexual pleasure, finding enjoyment from not only how some peices look but how they feel on me, and well sometimes they do provide sexual enjoyment but that’s a bonus.
I also love some forms of female clothing that I haven’t found comfort in sharing yet plus some stuff is hard to explain and I don’t know if it’s just something I like.

I’m male, I will continue to use that gender but will always be open about enjoying things that are not marketed towards male like lingerie, clothing or even sex toys while at the same time wanting to be seen as a person who is more feminine rather than a male regardless of my gender and how I label myself.

Enjoy some previously posted images of mine 🙂

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