Exploring new kinks/fetishes and a new toy.

Exploring new kinks/fetishes and a new toy.

As I got a new parcel of review items delivered today there was one in particularlly that I was surprisingly excited about and another I was curious for one particular reason.

First Item
The first item/product in question was a collar and cuff set, and while it was very pretty looking, the reason I was excited about it was more to do with the fact I wanted to explore some new kinks and see how it went.

Although a collar and cuffs might seem rather basic to some, for me it definitely seemed like a good place to start especially as I’m going solo.
In the past I’ve looked in on fetish wear and kink toys from the far away sidelines, and always wondered if it was for me or not but never known where to start nor been comortable in buying anything to try out.

Having something basic like a collar and cuffs that I can wear solo, take pictures of me wearing and go at my own pace gives me a certainly level of confidence knowing I can do my own thing on my own terms and be as comfortable as I can.
As I get more comfortable I can then decided to maybe expand what I have and play around with new stuff seeing how much I like it, if at all.

Not only will I then have an idea of what I like and dislike for myself and thje pleasure I have on my own, but it may help for future relationships in knowing what I like and dislike should anything relating to kink and fetishes come up.

Second Item
The second item I’m curious about is a rabbit vibe with squirting feature which was a replacement item I accepted for a different squirting toy I wanted that I think was either low on stock or out of stock.
As a penis owner I’ve always seen rabbit vibes used by those with a vulva, but in 2021 I’m well aware that most toys can be used by anyone so even if I have a penis and no vulva that doesn’t mean I can’t make use out of it.

Of course I will likely end up using it anally and seeing how well it works for me, and enjoying the fact I’m using a toy not really marketed towards myself.

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