[Quote Quest] – I can’t ever get enough of you.

[Quote Quest] – I can’t ever get enough of you.

“It will always be a mystery to me how we can’t forget the love that forgot us.”

JM Storm

The quote for this weeks Quote Quest really struck a chord with me as it’s something I think about several times a year, and I knew I could easily write this post.

I’ve fallen in love twice in my life, the first time being out of the blue and sudden with no real indication it was going to happen.
This first love came with a a trillion butterflies in my stomach, someone on my mind constantly and and overall wonderful feeling I had never felt before till that point.
Nothing ever came of it although the person in question I’m sure knew I liked them but I don’t know if they knew it was more than me liking them?

The 2nd love was a new freindship were I got close to someone initially as a friend, then everyone and their dog felt we should be together which eventually happned and I fell in love with them.
Again I had some of the same feelings as my first love but this time they became even more intense and I could help thinking of the person in question.
We last 7 months before splitting up the week before Valentines and I never saw them again.

I’m sure the girl in question I fell for doesn’t remember me, I know she now has a kid, an other half and her own life to think about more than some old high-school class-mate that liked her 20 years ago (As of 2021). She probably doesn’t realise/know that she was my first love and all the feelings I felt for the first time ever

Just like major life ahcievements I can’t help but remember my first love. My memory of how I fell for someone, the day it happened and what I was doing when it hit is super vivid in my mind knowing all the details.
Those intense feelings that overcame me had never been there before, I hadn’t felt such happiness about someone and I wanted to have them for a long as I could.

My 2nd love although a relationship of 7 months plus a period of friendship before that doesn’t mean the girl in question will remember me or anything that happened. She may have known I loved her but I don’t know if she knew just how much I did at the time and these days she has her own life to think about rather than an EX or even someone she loved if she even loved me like I did her?.

Having even more intesne feelings the 2nd time around again is something I can’t forget, and to this day 16/17 years later I will always remember the dream were the I had the most intense feelings come over me and how I never wanted them to go but while they did go in someways they also stayed with me as a reminder of how good things can be in life.

I may not think about the 2 people I fell for much if at all, but I will always remember the love I had for them and how magical it was to feel something so good.

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