[Quote Quest] – Being adventurous with an element of danger.

[Quote Quest] – Being adventurous with an element of danger.

“I feel the need to endanger myself every so often.”

RTim Daly

In my life there is a few things I really don’t like one of them being heights.
I don’t use the words fear or phobia with heights simply because I will voluntarily go places high up or do adventurous things at height no matter how scary it may be when I’m doing it.

My first adventurous thing I did with heights was a bungee jump from a bridge back in 2015 alongside my brother-in-law. While the thought of it was scary I knew that I wanted to show myself that I could go out of my comfort zone and do something like this, while at the same time I wanted to show others I was capable of doing something adventurous, even if I knew it didn’t matter what others thought of me.

Come the day of my jump and as we climbed to the underside of a bidge I could help but be nervous.
Once I was ready to go, all pre-checks done I stood there right on the edge of the underside of a bridge looking down at a river, my arms were stretch out and I could feel my heart beating fast.

I knew this was safe, lots of others have jumped from here but the element of danger was appartent. My heart continued to beat fast and then I heard it, 3-2-1 GO….. and which point and without pause, I leapt off and suddenly I could feel the air as I quickly plumpted towards the river below before the bungee cord reached it max length caught me. I was hanging there upside down catching my breath and taking it all in what I just done.

The saying “If everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you?” came into my mind, I had done just that jumped of a bridge albeit not with friends. As I was winched back up to safety I vowed “Never again”.

Several years later and despite saying “Never again” I ended up at thje same brige across the same river but this time to do what is called a bridge swing. Not only was I with my brother-in-law but he also brought a friend he met in hosptial when my sister had premature twins.
This time was just as nerve-wracking as the last even though I had experience from the previous time.

The burdge swing was completely different, I was told to go into a seating stance whereby the platform I was on slowly moved back from under my feet as I hung above the river before I was released into a drop then swing.

As I initially swung quite fast from my drop again I could feel the air rush past me and for a breif second the element of danger filled my mind. “Humans weren’t meant to fall in the manner I had” was my first thought but as my inital scare wore off I began to enjoy myself, and was able to let go of the rope then extend the GoPro camera I had strapped to my right wrist so that it could take in the views of the river and capture my face as I swung.

Not only did I enjoy the bridger swing more than the bungee, but there was also a sense that I had just done something I swore I wouldn’t do after my first experience and that I could go out of my comfort zone to do things that might invlove danger but aren’t exactly dangerous.

*Featured image is of my Bungee jump

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