[Sinful Sunday]/[Love Yourself (in April)] The devil’s in the details

[Sinful Sunday]/[Love Yourself (in April)] The devil’s in the details

As I’m participating in Love Yourself (in April) I decided to link it up with other memes like Sinful Sunday.
This post will not only be an image but also a short topic both of which I hope will compliment each other for the respective memes.

Since taking part in Sinful Sunday and other memes where I take pictures of myself and can view others bloggers pictures I’ve begun to realise something that I like from both.

When taking closer up images of myself or even with farther away images I’ve found the little details to be so enjoyable.
One image I took back in January had a comment about my back/bum dimples being cute and this was the first time I really took notice of them and how others enjoyed them.
Then in Feb I posted an image of my butt, very close up with droplets of water showing and a texture on my skin I assume from a little chill. It was an image I immediately loved because of the fin details like the water droplets close up, the details of my skin and how these would likely be missed if I had taken an image further away, or at least not be focused on so much.

These details are there but you don’t see them in every image and even on myself I don’t always notice them everyday, but when I take the right picture I can notice my back/bum dimples, the way my skin in my butt or thights and I find enjoyment from it.

Lastly is also the fact that since I don’t always like my full body in images these close ups can be enjoyable because I’m focusing on a particular part of me which means you don’t see all the bits I dislike.

Parts of the above can extend to other peoples images too. I love seeing all aspects of someone, but their little details are enjoyable to look at. Whether they too have dimples, their skin texture and things unique to them that you notice more when close up.
It may be that someone dislikes their skin or parts of themseleves but when they do post and I can see details in their image I will always appreciate that.

See Sinful Sunday here

2 thoughts on “[Sinful Sunday]/[Love Yourself (in April)] The devil’s in the details

  1. I totally agree with you about the smaller finer details and how self photography can help use discover those things about ourselves. Also I LOVE Polkadots



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