[Quote Quest/KOTW] – Sapiosexuality, a viewpoint

[Quote Quest/KOTW] – Sapiosexuality, a viewpoint

“Give me words that make my mind curl before my toes.”

Rachel Wolchin

Looking up to understand the proper definition really got me thinking about not only how I see others but how they might see me.

The definition of sapiosexual is someone who is “sexually attracted to a person’s intellect or mind before appearance.”
Now I honestly can’t say I’ve ever had a sexual attraction to the intellect or mind of someone but I have realsied both of those have come into play in my head albeit subconsciously.

Firstly though, when I think about the definition I don’t immediately equate it to a broader intelligence or someone you may class as ” smart ” because of the education they had, the job they’re in or whatever.

When I really think about sapiosexual and the way I see intelligence in others, is the desire to have a job, education or interest/hobby that they can share with me in a way that’s enjoyable for both parties.
It may be sharing something we both have an interest, a topic that although we may have differing viewpoints it sparks and enjoyable and friendly discussion or it may be a satifying situation they’ve had in life or their job and I’m happy to let them enjoy talking to me about it.
All of this will have a layer of intelligence, something someone is knowledgeble on and their sharing this with me. Being knowledgeble doesn’t have to mean the person is talking about “smart” things that you can label right or wrong especially with it’s personal stuff.

When thinking about the mind I relate it to how someone sees the world, things within it or even themseleves and how they relay that outwordly. It may not be that said person has the same views as I do, but being able to show their love for things like animals, wildlife, maybe showing a caring side to all who they meet and even just having the mindset of a kind human being in whatever they do.

I guess I am not sapiosexual and even though I don’t have a general attraction to intelligence or the mind I still find ways to notice and enjoy both when I’m arround people .

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