[KOTW] – Bulging with morning wood.

Morning wood

Before I begin I’ll start off with the short version of me and my gender, there is a lot more I can add but as it’s not what this post is about I’ll skip it for now.
I was born male, own a penis so I gender myself as male and that’s what I’ll mostly be using here when talking about myself and my experiences with others.

As a penis and balls owner I’m often faced with a bulge in my underwear created by them and for the most part it’s just a normal part of life for me which during an average day I don’t tend to think about.

This changes when I purposefully wear tighter fitting boxers, tighter fitting ligerie or I get an erection whteher on purpose or not.
When this occurs I find my bulge to be a pleasure not only to look at and admire but also to feel both without touching myself or when I do touch myself through my underwear/lingerie.
The softness of fresh boxers on my hand and a hard penis bulging out can invoke the same kind of pleasure one may get from a fidget spinner/cube especially in the evening when I can sit in just my boxers and play about as I watch a YouTube video or browse the web.

Moving to the oppossite of myself and I do love a bulge on someone else, especially a partner I’m going to enage in pleasure/fun with. The fact I can see their bulge get bigger with excitment for what is ahead fill me with a smile as I’ve not even touched them for the bulge to increase, but when I get to feel said bulge my own pleasure increases feeling their penis through whatever underwear they are wearing.

I have to admit I’ve not always got excited over seing other bulges particularly in penis owners (Male or otherwsie) on the internet as much as I do IRL. It’s great someone can enjoy their own bulge and if it’s because they’re erect and it’s leading to fun then even better.
For me though, the pleasure is in physcially having a reason for someones bulge and getting to touch and feel it. Also the other pleasure is in having an attraction to someone which inlcuded their penis and by extension their bulge.

The above is not to say I can’t find a bulge nice or that I haven’t enjoyed a bulge online, in fact I know of one trans porn star who’s bulge I do enjoy, but there not many times I will see someones bulge and really enjoy it.

I’ve yet to experience bulges and whatnot from non penis owners IRL but I can image they would just as pleasurable not only for me to view but also the other person to have whether it’s from a packer or something else.

No matter how you get your bulge the act of having one can be pleasurable whether or not the bulge leads to pleasure and whether or not you’re just viewing them or get to touch and feel.

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3 thoughts on “[KOTW] – Bulging with morning wood.

  1. It’s a nice feeling when your penis is trapped, creating a bulge in your underwear. That feeling of the confinement. You savor every moment until you just have to release your penis to the open air.

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