Monday Musings #9 Writing/posts other than memes

I realise my blog has changed or the posts I make have. I’m constantly participating in memes, posting photos and apart from a single toy review and a new QuoteQuest post I’ve not been making genral blog posts filled with writing about a particular topic.

That’s not to say I haven’t drafted some posts, worked on previously written drafts or just thought about ideas for posts. I’ve done all of those and more, but for some reason while my desire to write has been there somewhat high the act of writing my ideas down into words hasn’t happened well.

Some posts I like being involved, semi-lengthy and covering all bases which is great, but others I want to condense down into some short and sharp with little filler and just getting to the point but for these posts I find myself writing a huge novel when I don’t want to.

I’ve even started a post I am hoping to make into erotica or just exploring a fantasy I have, but this has been for me difficult to get right for similar reasons as above.
I want to start with an short introduction where I set the scene and explain things that lead to the main part of my story but I could never keep it short and simple.
As I moved on I couldn’t get my ideas down into the right sentences, what were the right prhases to use when trying to be erotic and various other stuff.

I know I created my Monday Musings page as a way to write shorter posts without needing much planning, but a lot of very short form stuff I just end up tweeting or I post stuff into a meme instead.

So, going forward I will still be participating in memes but where I have the time I will maybe try to work on my posts ideas and writing in general.
I know it’s not important or necessary to have lots of general blog posts published or in the works but I do want to make sure that when I do have an idea I can be confident in being able to write and publish it in a manner that I’m happy with.
Of course I also want people reading to emjoy my posts but if I’m happy with a peice of writing then and only then will I hit publish.

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