The Handy masturbator – Post review followup


At the beginning of February I posted my first ever review on my own blog of The Handy masturbator, see here if you’ve not read it.
I called it a good toy but that it felt like a work progress device that I hoped would be improved as time goes on, and maybe even a version 2 or 3 would be where Handy gets really good.

It’s been several weeks since I posted that review and post review I have continued to use the toy in doing so I thought I’d make a followup post on what I’ve observed over this time.

This isn’t a review as such but I will add my thoughts at the end of this post

The good, bad and ugly

I’ve made a number of observations of Handy and will share it here, be it the good, bad and ugly if there even is any of the latter two.

In my post review use of Handy I found that in addition to some reddit pages, there was also a couple of discord servers for Handy which have become pretty good places to be. Not only was there general chat about handy, but there was places to get support, talk about customizing the device, testing of new firmware and even a discord server related to remote control of Handy.

Not only are other users sharing their experience with each other i.e. the different sleeves they use with the toy, but the Handy devs are able to provide new firmware for testing and get feedback meaning they are supporting the toy and improving it while also adding new features. The more techy or just curious folk out there with a Handy can try out these new firmwares before they are sent live and assist the dev in working on things. The new firmware and API allow for not only improvments to the Handy but also allow for 3rd parties to integrate Handy into their platform and for the smarter users to work on their own stuff to make Handy work in ways the Handy devs might not be working on

I talked in my review about syncing the Handy to porn video and i’m pleased to say this is getting better everyday or at least quite often. Firstly the team at Handy are adding new videos to their website which is great to see, but also there is a community called EroScriprts where people are creating their own script files that sync to porn, a number of which work well with Handy.
The fact that not only are there an every expanding official sync’d videos from the team at Handy but also user made content means that you have a lot of content to enjoy presently and it seems like this will only grow in the future.

One features of the Handy is remote control and one of the Handy Discord servers is dedicated to this feature allowing users to seek someone to control their device. This control can be from any old Joe Bloggs for free but also paid from pros.
I like the idea of having some stranger control my device to get me off, and in these Covid times it’s important to stay safe which means you can have the pleasure of having somneone give you pleasure without actually being there.
For myself, I’ve tried this remote control twice and had fun knoowing I wasn’t in control, but I don’t think I’d seek out someone all that often in the future untill I am maybe a bit more comfortable with it.

Following on from the above the team at Handy created what is called multicontrol whereby as the name suggest multiple Handy devices can be controlled at once. In testing this feature they had several multicontrol events.
These multicontrol events had uses connect their handy up whereby a porn model was streaming their webcam as they controlled said users handy all at once while also hcatting via discord.
I particpated in one of these events with some model called Clara Dee who I have to admit I’m wasn’t familar with goinmg into it but from her video stream and all I found her to be very nice while also knowing how to maske users not last till the end in a cruel but fun JOI style game.

During the multicontrol event I participated in I found it took a few webpage refreshes to get things working all good in terms of viodeo streaming but for me when the action started it was fine.
Unfortunately I noticed a good number of users having issues, some of these may have been internet issues on their end especially in regards to the streaming video, but there was a number of issues relating to Handy devices whether it was overheating, not matching the speed set by Clara or just not connecting properly.
I can’t comment on what exactly might have been wrong here, but this a good way to test the multicontrol features and Handy devices so that things can be improved.

On my end the multicontrol worked just fine and it was great to know that not only was my device being controlled but at one point 88 devcices in total were all being controled by one person in Clara Dee and added to that her streaming video where she could verbally interact while seeing us on chat was a lot of fun.
One thing I did notice was my Handy was very warm after use but considering it’s mains powered and how it works along with the length it was going for then it’s understandable.

Final Thoughts

So, several weeks post review and I’m happy to see what is going on with the Handy and what the devs are working on.

The fact there’s a commuinity out there that both devs and users are posting in makes owning a Handy a much better experienced especially for those that want to get help, provide feedback or just rave about a sleeve they like to use with the device plus hte community around scripts being made means there is alwas new videos to sync with your handy and there will eventually be a big library of content to choose from.
Also being able to see what the Handy devs are doing makes it good to know that any issues are being fixed, looked at or that there are new features being worked on and events happening.

It’s looking promising going forward, and while my device has worked well it is frustrating to see others have iussues so I hope they can be sorted out whether it’s the users themselves sorting thinsg out on their end or the devs helping where possible.

Most of what I covered here doesn’t change the pleasure I get from the Handy but it does add to the overall experience ands makes using it that little nicer and means than in future I will continue to use my Handy rather than it sitting in my toy-box had it been shipped as is and not continually worked on.

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