The beginnings of smart toy exploration.

As someone who is into tech I’m no stranger to smart tech via the likes of Amazon Alexa or Google Home, the latter of which I use combined with smart bulbs, smart plugs and even a smart TV with Google/Android TV.

When it comes to smart sex-toys or teledildonics as I found them called, i’m a little bit familiar with some things, but as a whole it’s mostly all new to me.
The familiar toys for me are those I’ve seen when I frequented a cam site, the ones that react to tips and such like.

My exploration into teledildonics has only recently started when I won a toy called The Handy in a twitter competition and promptly reviewed said toy on my blog here.
The Handy not only can be used like a regular powered toy using the buttons on the device, a mode called offline which it comes in by default but it can then be connected to Wi-Fi and the capabilities expanded even further.

I tested the toy out for review in offline mode as well as connected to my WiFi to sync to porn but didn’t play around with remote control as I didn’t have any way to test it or so I thought.
After my review I found a couple of Discord servers for The Handy that I joined, one for general device related content i.e. new firmware, tech-support and the likes with a 2nd server being setup for the remote control aspect of The Handy allowing people to find someone who can control their toy for them.

It took me a little bit to get comfortable/confident but eventually I reached out for someone who might want to control my Handy and after a short chat away and exchanging key to control the toy away they went. It was my first experience of some random stranger on the internet controlling a toy of mine from wherever in the world they happened to be whilst viewing my webcam.
They had control of Speed and length of the toy, and via webcam could see what was happening as they altered things until I orgasmed and that was that.

As mentioned above I also used the toy synced to porn both for review and post review.
The interesting thing about this was learning some new things and how it worked at a basic level. Firstly there are files called funscripts which can be created by anyone and these funscripts are what is used to tell the toy what to do based on what the creator has set which is usually a rough pattern following a particular porn scene although for some experienced people they can create scripts that better follow along with the porn scene.

These funscripts when loaded along the correct porn video make the experience of watching porn much more involved and with a Handy you can feel like you are there.
Not only that, but it can make for a almost handsfree experience, save for holding the toy in your hand unless you’re one of a few people who i’ve seen make a mount for the toy.

As my journey with The Handy continues I’ve seen BETA firmware get released and many different way in which people can interact with toy i.e 3rd party apps opening up many possibilities which can then be shared with the community .
I may be techy but things like programming and understanding how to work on the hardware and software of Handy is way beyond my knowledge so I’ll definitely leave that to the more experienced out there and just look forward to trying out anything new that comes out in the future.

As for other smart toys, well I’m keen to try out more and see what they are likes but for the time being at least I’m going to enjoy playing about with my Handy when in the mood and having lots of pleasure from it.

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