[Love yourself 21] – My own little (Desk) space.

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I may not be participating in every day of Love Yourself, but seeing what day 8 had in store made me eager to make a post.

Some people may see a desk, a desktop PC and two monitors and associate it to work, particularly with those who work in an office job. They may see their at home, free time as being away from the main computer where they instead sit with a tablet, smartphone they may watch TV or play on a Console along with other such things.
For me though I see my desk and smile, I get lots of joy and the reason behind it just makes me happy as I will explain below.

The love I have with my desk is firstly because the PC I have on it is one I built myself in mid-2019. It’s not my first PC I’ve built for myself or others, but it’s mine. I picked all the parts out myself, put it together myself and set it all up myself which is nothing new to me but something I always feel proud of.

Secondly, the desk is a new addition and to know that not only did I build the computer on it but also the whole desk makes me happy when I look at it.

Third and finally, when I look at the desk and everything on it I think “That’s mine” it’s my own space to be when I want to blog, write toy reviews, play some games/sim race with a wheel or just sit watching YouTube videos for entertainment.
It’s where I can spend my time alone, I can sit with music on and relax with little interference from the other person in the house.

My desk is part of me, it’s part my hobby that I love and never feels like work.
For me work, particularly everyday work when not in a pandemic is in a restaurant
and I love that, but when at home the desk and the room it’s in is where I am a lot of the time

My Desk

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