The Handy masturbator – Review

Welcome to my first ever review on Adult Exploration of which I’ll be reviewing The Handy masturbator from Sweet Tech AS of Norway.

For those that new to me and the blog, while this might be my first review on here I do regular guest reviews over at the LittleSwitchBitch blog so you can check them out, and maybe while there you can check out the rest of the site too as it’s awesome,

Disclaimer before I start the review: While I got this toy sent from the fine folks at Handy/Sweet Tech AS, it was a competition prize and therefore they have no prior, current or future involvement in this review.

So with that out the way, let’s get started.


The Handy is marketed in 3 different ways.

To begin with, on the Handy website it says:

“The sex toy that revolutionizes masturbating”

“Handy™ is the most advanced sex toy ever created, with guaranteed mind-blowing orgasms.”

Then on the product box, they state:

“The Ultimate Handjob Machine”

These are some bold claims by the people over at Sweet Tech AS/Handy, and as someone who’s had the pleasure of using many masturbators, from a Fleshlight, Tenga Flip EV…etc I will hopefully be able to test these claims out and see if it stacks up.

Boxed contents

Out of the gate, apart from the marketing material I like how Handy is boxed. It’s not overly sexual, you get just enough information you need and in general, it’s a nice feeling box for the type of product you’ve just bought.

Within the box you get the following:

  • Main Handy unit with the TrueGrip (the name for the strap)
  • A TrueGrip TPE sleeve
  • A small manual/instruction booklet
  • A power brick and figure 8 power plug (UK one in my case as that’s where I’m from)
  • A little card with a code on it.

Initial impressions

Handling the Handy for the first time and you notice there is a little weight to it. It’s not heavy at all but at the same time, it’s not light meaning it feels nice in the hand and more importantly means it should be easy to hold for any session length.

On the other hand, the plastics used feel a little cheaper and somewhat utilitarian than I’d expect although to be clear it’s not cheap plastic or bad in any way, but for a product like this I’d have expected a slightly more premium feel. It may be that the bulk of the budget went on how the toy works and some of the fancy features more than the actual housing/case which is understandable, but I’d have liked it to be a bit nicer.

As stated above there is an included TPE sleeve in the box but straight away it felt tacky/sticky in the hand, and even after washing it before the first use and then washing it afterwards it still felt sticky but thankfully, for the most part, it will be strapped into the Handy so you won’t feel it.

The main TPE material and general feel of the sleeve make it seem like a cheap generic sleeve although I have to say the internal texture looks like it will be nice which I’ll let the pictures show so you can get an idea of the different patterns inside.

The Velcro strap on the unit used to attached the included TPE sleeve or any other of your choosing feels nice, it has a decent length it can hold bigger toys and the Velcro seems like it will hold things in place rather well without them slipping loose although I have seen some mention of this being not great though out the box it felt good to me.

Thankfully the Velcro strap can be removed fully so if it breaks or you just want to swap it out then you can do that providing said replacement strap is the correct size.

Main unit/controls

On the main Handy unit, there is several buttons and such.

At the top you have the main on/off button then below is game controller d-pad type arrangement with the top and bottom buttons controlling the stroke length and the left and right adjusting the speed. Below this is a Wi-Fi button for activating the Wi-Fi which is used for the interactive features of Handy, then finally below that is an LED that can flash up to 16 different light combinations depending on what you’re doing with the handy although it only ever does a couple at once.

These LED combinations are used to show the status of the Handy or in rare cases errors.

First time setup and user experience

As shipped the handy comes in offline mode and is intended to be used like a regular powered/rechargeable toy i.e. manual control using the buttons on the front

Since this has advanced features enabled through Wi-Fi, and since I’m very much into tech, that’s the way I decided to use the toy from the off.

Having read the manual I found it useful for the offline mode, but there was no information on the Wi-Fi aspect, or how to set it up and while there is a page linking the website it didn’t tell me that I had to go there to read a guide on Wi-Fi setup and that site is different from the main Handy site although the latter has a link at the top of the page to take you there.

Once on the Handysetup website, there is a step by step guide on how to get the Handy connected to Wi-Fi which does a reasonable job guiding you through the process and all but the least technical people should be able to follow along, but if not there is a video, and although it’s not the greatest video it does the job if required.

Once set up I then found I needed to go to another website called to use the Wi-Fi features but this wasn’t documented that well, and at no stage did I fully understand what the HandyFeeling website was for. I give examples below of what it’s for.

If I’m being honest I would love the main Handy website to include everything from Handysetup on one page rather than a completely separate site.

Also, I’d like a better description of what Handyfeeling is for on the main website/setup website for example “Visit to experience/use the Wi-Fi features of Handy like remote control of the device, synchronized videos and more”

You can also visit various sites to find some free and paid for video content that can sync with Handy but as far as I can tell in my limited use, you need to download said videos along with a script file and use the Local Video feature of to upload them to watch while it syncs with Handy.

I would also like to see an app for Android/IOS rather than having to use a site for control of the toy or when watching videos especially local videos which wouldn’t need uploading as per my previous comment.

I did read a review which mentioned a potential app but at the time of writing this review (Feb 2021) there is none that I can see.

First time uses

With setup all done, the sleeve cleaned and myself ready to go I lubed up, slid into the sleeve and started by syncing to some porn on the website of which there are 27 videos to choose from at the time of this review.

Straight away the Handy reacted to the action on screen but It took a minute or two to find the right way of holding the toy for the sleeve to slide up and down my penis smoothly and even then I didn’t quite get it right which I put down to first use.

Something I noted also on this first use was that when the sleeve was at the bottom it sort of pushed the handy away from me when I had it resting on my stomach. My initial thought was that the mechanism could be slid up a bit more so when it goes down it’s not going to be too far down that it affected the Handy unit but then I realise it may impact on sleeves especially smaller kinds.

As I mentioned I had the handy sync with some porn and found it to follow the on-screen action quite well. Things started slowly as did the Handy and when the action intensified the speed increased with it also doing reasonably when things changed from the standard handjob/blowjob to something a bit more complex.

I did find a couple of times that I would come out of the sleeve and have to pause the video to slide back in otherwise the toy would continue to go up and down, although in some cases I could slide back in within a second without pausing. However, this was rare, and again for my first use, I can safely say I was still getting used to the toy so things like this are natural.

As the Handy has a Velcro strap called TrueGrip it’s easy to substitute the included sleeve for one of your own, and via a tip from someone on Twitter, I decided to test out my Tenga Spinner for my 2nd use.

Removing the current sleeve is easy enough as it putting another sleeve in since you peel a bit of Velcro, pull out the old sleeve, put in the new sleeve and tighten it enough then Velco back down.

Using the Tenga made my experience much better, as the included Handy sleeve while nice is on the more basic side of things. I could feel the texture of the Tenga as the toy went up and down again syncing to some porn.

As the action heated up near the end I could feel the speed increasing and getting me to the edge of orgasm and I couldn’t stop myself from doing so which is where I found both a good and not so good aspect of the syncing.

The good part is not having control of what’s happening and it being left to the experience you’re seeing on-screen, so you can either use it as a way to geel part of a porn scene or just enoy the kink of not being in control.

The not so good aspect is the fact the nearing the end of the porn I found myself ready to orgasm and did, but the on-screen action wasn’t quite finished yet and because I can sometimes be very sensitive when I finish I found that this would increase as the speed of the toy increased because of the video coming to the orgasm stage too.
I put this negative more down to the way I am rather than the toy but I felt like it was worth mentioning.

Continued use

As I continued my use of the toy I experimented with a few toys to see what I could fit into the TrueGrip strap.

I managed to fit a Tenga Flip Orb in there and as my Favourite toy of late20/early21 I was able to get not only the awesome pleasure from that toy but combined with the handy I could make it even better especially when I was manually controlling how fast or slow I went, and what stroke length I set.

Even a cheap vulva/butt masturbator worked well as it wasn’t too big or girthy, and was easy to squish in if I needed to.

I did try a warming masturbator I had but this was too wide to fit in so I’d say if you have a squishy sleeve or a not so wide masturbator in a case then it may fit well and give you a varied array of pleasure different for every use.

There is fun to be had in experimenting with various sleeves and seeing what works or doesn’t work. I wouldn’t go out and buy random sleeves for the Handy alone, unless I knew they would fit, but if like me you already have some in your collection or just want more for general use then yes it does make it fun to try them out

Also, as not all sleeves are the same you might find each one works well for certain styles of play i.e. BJ sensation, HJ sensation…etc and you can use the right one for the right mood especially when syncing with porn.

Handy going forward – Updates and more

As the handy is a Wi-Fi enable device it can be updated with new firmware and be able to get some new features added to it, meaning that it’s not limited to doing what was programmed to out the box like some toys.

Sure there will be a limit on what can be done due to the physical hardware on the Handy but that doesn’t stop the device from being updated, improved software-wise and any bugs fixed.

On the subject of updates, I noticed there are 3 Reddit pages for the device called r/theHandy, r/handySupport and r/HandyScripts all of which provide an excellent opportunity to discuss Handy, be notified of any updates to the device and or website, and generally have a community feel with other users of the device which is great for getting the most out of it.

I may be good with tech and such, but having somewhere to go should I need advice on a feature, want to see what’s new or what is in the works for the future means I have a reason to come back to handy more often in the future.

Only time will ultimately tell if the community thrives, updates come out and the device improves a lot more with new features, but for now, the signs are good.

Handy and the bold claims

At the start of my review I said that there were 3 bold claims about Handy as follows:

“The sex toy that revolutionizes masturbating”

“Handy™ is the most advanced sex toy ever created, with guaranteed mind-blowing orgasms.”

“The Ultimate Handjob Machine”

Having spent time with Handy how do I see these claims stacking up if they do at all?

Well, let’s break them down one by one and see.

The sex toy that revolutionizes masturbating”

I don’t think to revolutionize is really what Handy does to masturbating as such. It certainly changes masturbation with a toy but at the end of the day, it’s not radically different from regular masturbation or masturbation toys.

“Handy™ is the most advanced sex toy ever created, with guaranteed mind-blowing orgasms.”

Firstly, I’ve not used every type of sex toy let alone the higher-end toys available, but saying it’s the most advanced could be somewhat true. It connects to Wi-Fi and can sync up to porn which is unique for me and I don’t know of others that do that, plus the updates that can be made for it means it can improve over time. Also, the fact that it can go at some speed and you can alter the length of strokes you get is again unique for me but can other toys do this?

Then again the remote control features are nothing new and there are lots of toys out there that can be controlled remotely.

Secondly, saying it has “guaranteed mind-blowing orgasms” really depends on the person using the toy, what sleeve is being used and how the toy is being used. All of these can change how orgasms are perceived and whether they can be classed as mind-blowing.

“The Ultimate Handjob Machine”

I’ve yet to use any other machine for comparison so I can’t tell if it’s the ultimate, and TBH I don’t know what Handy are comparing this to in terms of other machines available.

Final Thoughts

So then, having used the Handy quite a lot in between other reviews and trying to get the most out of it, what is my feelings?

Handy comes nicely packaged but out the box while it does have a good weight to it I don’t think it looks or feels particularly premium and the materials used could be improved.

In offline mode, as shipped, it works well and does exactly what you’d expect is easy to control once you learn the buttons and what each one. Does.

The Wi-Fi aspect is somewhat easy to set up with the guide but it’s not so user-friendly when it comes to using these features as it’s not well documented in the manual, or on the setup page which is separate from the main Handy page and also separates from the Handy feeling website. Once you do know where to go and what to do it becomes a lot easier and for all but the lest techy people out there you can easily work out the various aspects of the device when connected to Wi-Fi.

The included sleeve was nothing special and as I mentioned it was tacky/sticky to hold and very basic TPE material but the internal texture was nice in use and provided decent pleasure.

The fact that this sleeve can be swapped out for any plethora of sleeves is a nice touch and I find Tenga sleeves can work well including something like a Tenga Spinner Brick.

In use there is a good speed range to the toy and variable stroke lengths can make getting the right sensation easy enough.

Being able to sync with porn also means you can get these motions taken out of your hands so it feels more like someone else is doing all the work and in some cases, you can feel connected to the porn your watching.

Overall the Handy is a great device that does a good job providing penis pleasure and doing it well enough with some nice features, but to me feels like a work in progress toy right now or at least a version 1 that could and hopefully will improve as time goes on even getting better with maybe a version 2 or 3.

If you’ve made it this far then thanks a lot for reading the first review on my blog.
I will still be reviewing toys elsewhere as I mentioned at the top of this post but where possible I will hopefully add more reviews on here.

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