[Love yourself 21/February Photofest] – Being me and dressing in feel good clothes

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For Love yourself 21 day 2 it’s “Dressed up. Put on something that makes yourself feel good” which I’m linking in with February Photofest too
For me something that makes me feel good is alternative clothing like what I wore in my teens and what fits in with my main love of Heavy Metal and just dressing differently from everyone else.
Also a pair of skate shoes or in my case today a nice pair of DC Shoes boots I bough last year

It may not show in my picture but baggy trousers are what I’m wearing. I used to wear baggy jeans in the early 00s going for a skater look even if I never skated and not only do I still love them now it makes me feel good, because as a teen I never felt like I was in a simple teen-phase where I’d grow up and change.
If I’m ever out in the few bits of alternative clothing I own blasting some say Linkin Park through my headphones I am taken back to my teenage years when life was good and I just feel happy as larry to still be the same person I was back then if maybe just a little bit more grown up.

To make it a little more appealing than just myself in clothing I went topless.

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