[Quote Quest] – Morning Coffee ritual

[Quote Quest] – Morning Coffee ritual

“A morning coffee is my favorite way of starting the day, settling the nerves so that they don’t later fray.”

Marcia Carrington

As I read the above quote I knew that I could relate to it quite well even if it wasn’t exactly as it is written.

I work in a chain restaurant and with the particular brand I work for there is many perks, like staff food at a reasonable price, a good progression system if you want to go place, and the highlight for me being the free coffee.

One of my many roles in said restaurant means I go in with the opening manager/assistant manager/duty manager plus opening chef in the morning, before we’re ready to welcome customers.
More often than not, the opening manager will usually make coffee for anyone who’s in or if not I can make my own, and this happens everyday I’m in.

If I get a coffee straight away it helps to get me through my morning shift, and more importantly If I am them working an evening shift I am usually settled down by the end of the morning shift and ready for working later.
Depending on the manager who makes me a coffee, it can lead to a short period of chatting before I start or in between what I’m doing which can be fun. Whether it’s talking about the previous day/nights shift particularly if I wasn’t there, upcoming work stuff or just talking about life in general I love the conversations I have as it usually sets me up in a good mood and keeps me social IRL when I’m normally quiet or as they sometime call me “Ninja” hahaha

If I make my own coffee I love it for the reasons above too, like giving me energy and settling me down for the day ahead, but on the other hand I also love using he machines we have at my work. Getting to grind beans, froth milk and use a coffee shop style machine to me is so cool because at home I’ve usually used instant coffee or more recently a POD machine and so being able to use said machine and doo it all makes me feel like good even if I don’t always get it right with the milk frothing.

Even with my POD machine I was never a huge coffee drinker but since I started working in my restaurant I’ve had coffee almost every morning I work and it’s something I look forward to on my commute. Partially the free aspect is at play here but also the social aspect when I can take a few minutes out my morning to chat to someone makes coffee a must plus I actually like the type of beans we use so a latte with a touch of sugar can be tasty AF and yeah like I say it can set me up for the day whether I am working a short shift, day shift or on the rota till 10.30 at night where I will have multiple coffees spaced out during my shift.

*Featured Image is of a coffee I made myself one morning in work.*

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