Top toys of late 2020/early 21 (And honorable mentions)


Having reviewed a number of sex toys in the latter half of 2020 over on the lovely LittleSwitchBitch blog I was excited to have a reason to make a top toys post on my own blog and share what toys I liked.

As we got very close to Christmas and the end of the new year I found out I was getting 2 major toys, one of which arrived Christmas eve and I wanted to wait till I reviewed them both before making this post, but one is yet to arrive so rather than waiting I will publish having finished the last review from toys received in 2020.

I decided on doing a top 5 so I could pick only the toys I really liked, with honorable mentions to the toys I liked but maybe not quite up there.

Toys I’ve reviewed

Before I start I thought I’d list all the toys I’ve reviewed up to the publishing of this post.

Accessoire Bizarre – Vinyl Sheet
Black velvets – Ring & Plug
Black Velvets – Vibrating Plug Medium
Colourful Joy – Bunny Tail Butt Plug
Horny Pony – Pony Tail Butt Plug
Nature Skin – Pussy & Ass Masturbator
Rebel – Rechargeable Prostate Stimulator
Rebel – Ultra soft vibrating silicone masturbator
Rebel – Masturbator with 2 functions
Rebel – Automatic Penis Pump
You2Toys Rechargeable Power Wand
Sweet Smile – Warming Masturbator
Tenga – FlipOrb Strong (Orange Crash)
Tenga – Flip ZERO EV (Black Strong Edition)
Tenga – Geo Aqua
Tenga – Spinner Brick
Tenga – Crysta Ball
Vibrating Glans Sucker
You2Toys Power Rotation
You2Toys Remote controlled cock ring

Top 5

I will go in reverse order from 5 to 1 and add a little piece on each toy, why I picked it, what I liked….etc.

  • 5. Colourful Joy – Bunny Tail Butt Plug

I’m a huge fan of tails and this bright pink bunny tail not only looked good but it’s small plug size mean I can wear it more often and enjoy the look without having to take time to warm up as much or need to be in the mood for anal toys.
It may not do much in terms of physical pleasure but as I say often, it’s the visual pleasure that I like best on tails and this is really nice.

  • 4. You2Toys Power Rotation

This is a unique toy in my collection and the design is similar to something I dreamt of in my head years ago. The unique aspect is of course the rotating beads which can give good pleasure when you get the right angle, and I found the toy overall to keep me pleasured for longer than anything I’ve ever tried which is good for longer sessions but for me it’s not one I’d used when I want a quickie or tighter sleeved toy.

  • 3. – Rebel – Ultra soft vibrating silicone masturbator

When I first got the Rebel I hadn’t had much luck with vibrating penis toys as most didn’t do anything for me, so I was wowed when using this and finding that the vibrations were strong and gave me the kind of pleasure I wanted from something than vibrated my penis.

  • 2. Tenga – Flip ZERO EV (Black Strong Edition)

Having used several Tenga toys including a Flip Orb I was a big fan of what they do and so having a Flip that vibrates was something I knew would be good. I wasn’t let down with the Flip ZERO EV which is a premium toy in every sense of the word. It has strong vibrations, some fantastic internal textures and has the classic Tenga design which not only makes it look nice and less sex toy but also addresses cleaning, drying and storage.

It just misses out on the top spot as I will explain below.

  • 1. Tenga – Flip Orb Strong (Orange Crash)

The Tenga Flip Orb was the first Flip model I owned and really made me see just how good Tenga toys are. Like the EV above it has the awesome tenga design with a non sex toy look, a focus on cleaning, drying and storage.

The internal texture Is one I love with what Tenga calls orbs providing some excellent sensations and excellent pleasure. There’s also the ability to adjust the pressure which is a nice feature
It’s this internal texture that for me makes this my number for me. Don’t get me wrong I also love the texture on the EV model of flip but I just prefer the texture on this that little but more.

After my review I’ve continued to use the Flip Orb on many more occasions and I still get a lot of pleasure from it leading to some nice orgasms.

Honorable Mentions

You2Toys Rechargeable Power Wand – This is a lovely toy with some intense vibrations from a rechargeable toy giving me amazing pleasure. It doesn’t make my list as I expect wands to have some strong vibrations and do well when used on my penis, sure not all will be great but there was nothing here that I felt warranted being in the top 5.

Tenga – Spinner Brick – This has all the lovely Tenga design as those in my top 5 and I love this as a small masturbator with a somewhat unique spinning action, but unfortunately for the Spinner I have higher-end toys from Tenga so it doesn’t make my list.

Sweet Smile – Warming Masturbator – I loved this toy from Sweet Smile, it had a nice warming feature which was a first for me and some pretty strong vibrations which provided some great orgasms but I feel like there was something missing with the internal sleeve/chamber that stopped it from going on my list.


Gotta give a huge shout out to the LittleSwitchBitch for allowing me to guest review on her blog, and just being awesome. Also massive thanks to Tenga and Orion for providing the toys I reviewed.

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