[KOTW] – Scents and me

[KOTW] – Scents and me


To begin this Kink Of The Week I’m going to start with a story and lead into some thoughts/musings on the topic related to it so enjoy….hopefully.


As someone who doesn’t drive I rely on public transport and in particular buses to get me not only to/from work but also any activities outside of work. When travelling by bus there is often a range of different people I see, some I see everyday when I’m going to work as they are, some I see occasionally and those I see once.

During one of my commutes to work last year I was engrossed in listening to music like I always do and at the same time playing a game of Solitaire so when people got on the bus I took no notice of them or even saw who it was for the most part unless I happened to look up.

As the bus stopped 10 minutes into my journey someone got on who happened to walk past my seat and sit at the back of the bus which was 1 row away from where I was.
I caught a glimpse of them walking by me out the corner of my eye but didn’t really see them as my focus was on my phone screen.

As the bus then continued on my attention was drawn to the scent of the person who had just got on and passed my seat, I didn’t know who they were or what they looked like but through my mask I got this wonderful smell that took me away to a dream like state in my mind trying to figure out who this person was and what they looked like as I didn’t want to look back as it would have been obvious that I was looking at them.

At the same time I tried to figure out their scent since it was different than anything I has smelled before. It was almost like a “Female” floral scent mixed in with a little bit of the type of deodorant targeted towards “Men” that isn’t Lynx (Axe to those in the US) which was odd to me but the combination in my head seemed to work although I assume it was merely meant to make them smell good rather than attract attention from anyone.

The rest of the journey I couldn’t keep the scent away, and even when the passenger got off many stops before I did I also couldn’t help but think about it and them until I got to work and the lure of free coffee took my mind away till I was finished and got the thought back on the journey home.

Scents the bigger picture

The above story is one out of several that all follow the same path where I notice the scent of someone as I’m on a bus before I even know who they are, if I notice them at all, but there is more to a scent than that.

Having only had 1 relationship in the past I often get little reminders of that particular partners scent, the way they smelled as we hugged each other, held hands and walked places or just sat next to each other.
I will never get their scent back but I will always be reminded of them and the moment in time we spent together through their scent i’m reminded off as it was one of the best times I had as a teen which I can’t forget.

Other scents remind me of a particular person in different ways for example if I get things from my sister there may be a familiar scent from her house which reminds me of the times when I’d go to hers on Christmas day, to just have dinner and spend family time together with my mum and her hubs plus in the last few years my niece and nephew. Of course in my own house I’m nose blind to it’s scent but my sisters house has a particular scent which is pleasing to smell and for the most part is associated with good memories.

Finally there’s one scent I both loved and hated, and miss which was animal scent particularly that of a dog but also cat scent too. I moved into my current house 15 years ago with 2 cats and a dog all who are now sadly now gone, but their scent is something I miss.
Having the dog lay on my bed or near me as I watched TV I would often get his scent which I never liked so much and looked forward to the day when I’d shampoo him but once he was gone the smell stayed for a bit and It reminded me of the good times.
He would always nudge my arm as a I sat on a chair or edge of the couch with my arm on the rest hoping i’d pet him which I did and even if I was careful I end up with all over my jumper/t-shirt and his scent.

The last of the 2 cats we had wasn’t an overly friendly one but she’d often come and sit on my lap getting me covered in hairs and her scent. She also come near when I had food including meat products because she wanted it and would try to steal it off my plate if she could which I wouldn’t let her but during this time I always got her scent on me or could just smell it. Again like he dog her scent stayed in the house for a bit so I never forgot about her too soon and even today I get reminded of her scent when I’m eating particular food as I think about if she were here now I can guarantee she’d be all over my food trying to get some if she could.

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