[January Jumpstart day 13] Better planning and scheduling plus it’s OK to not post.

[January Jumpstart day 13] Better planning and scheduling plus it’s OK to not post.

Even before the NY had come I said to myself that I would participate in January Jumpstart no matter what as I had an idea for posts that I could use when I wasn’t participating in a meme or writing my own posts.

Unfortunately I skipped 2 days because I had nothing to post, and didn’t want to make something up just to get a daily post in.
I had just about written a post one of the days but I needed to edit some pictures to add into but my mood to edit pics wasn’t there and so I’ve held off on finishing the post.

I got a little sad that I didn’t post anything in the last 2 days breaking my streak, but I realised it’s OK not to post if I don’t have anything ready and/or I’m not in the mood.
I shouldn’t force myself to post as it’s likely to end up with poor results and I’d rather not have that.

On the flip side of the above, I realised that for some days I had posted more than once and from this I began to think that I should have kept some of these posts back and used them for subsequent days.
Said posts didn’t need to be published on a particular day or at a particular time which is where I feel like I should do better planning and scheduling.

If what I’m doing has a set day/time to be posted by i.e. meme posts, and I can see future weeks In advanced then planning and scheduling is something I do well.
If It’s general posts of my own then I don’t set myself any goals, timeframes or have reasons to post which means I don’t plan things out all too well.

All of the above is therefore making me want to better plan and schedule posts, think about when I should post if needed, is it OK to post twice in one day or should I leave one for the next day.
I understand that I get a post idea, start writing and finish it all within the same day which makes me want to post ASAP but taking a step back once my post is written should be what I do, see what’s what and maybe link up with a # XYZ day on twitter or save the post for a meme day that it fits in with if I don’t already have an idea for it,

My drafts folder has one post ready to go, which as I mentioned above only needs me to edit some images for, but the other posts are half-finished or just ideas.
I would love to have more “Ready to go” posts for the days where I have a desire to publish something but no mood to actually sit and write or just have a suitable post for a situation that comes up like a meme.

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