[January Jumpstart – Day 6] Full-on day, a post for a meme and some toy fun

I’m only now just sitting down at my computer since today up till now was full-on. I didn’t have the time to relax at all or even write anything, although I published a post for the meme Love Yourself In January yesterday about self-care.

The idea of Love Yourself In January made by Love Is A Fetish is a great one, and self-care is always important so I’m interested to read what other says especially anyone who may be participating all month. I love read other bloggers post as they’re always different from each other and from me so it’s good to get flipped perspectives on something or even just getting inspired.

I have just about finished a toy-review, I want to add a little bit extra to before I grammar check it and send it off to be published on the awesome LSB blog. This will leave me with one review left to finish writing, and then I am still awaiting on a non-review toy which I plan to review on my own blog as the first one.

On the topic of review toys, I played with both remaining ones yesterday afternoon but was stopped in my tracks after one toy ran out of juice and the fact someone who I thought was downstairs happened to be in the next room to me.
At least I had a good reason to let one toy charge up waiting for said person to go downstairs plus I watched a video or two on YouTube to pass the time.
When I got back to my fun I had an epic session due to having skipped masturbation the previous two days so my excitement had built up a little which made it even better.

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