[Love Yourself In January] Self-caring for myself and others.

[Love Yourself In January] Self-caring for myself and others.

Intro to a the meme and me

The idea behind Love Yourself In January is awesome, and I had planned to write a post on a similar theme before I realised this meme was a thing whereby I decided I should join in.

Looking at self-Care in my life.

Self-care is something I aim for everyday and whether or not it’s attainable depends on the day in question and what’s going in it. I know that some days might not have time in them for proper self-care but I’d rather aim for it and it not happen, because I can understand why and then make it a priority to take that little bit extra self-care when I next get to it.

Not only do I do the self part and make sure I’m OK, but I always like to make time to care for other no matter how big or small which is critical in everyday life as I live at home looking after my deaf-mum in the years since my dad died (Sister helps a lot too but doesn’t live at home and has a family of her own inc 3 year old twins).

How do I do self-care for myself?

There’s lots of ways to do self-care, but one of the first and easy ways is with music. I love listening to music whether it’s heavy metal songs with lots of energy or slower songs with meaning, and as I have a 40 minute commute to work via bus I always have a pair of headphones with me so I can relax into music on the journey to and from there.
Sometimes I wanna blast heavy metal and feel the release of energy from being happy or sometimes I’m in the mood to think about a crush or someone cute on the bus ride and have appropriate music for that situation where I feel extra happy.

One of my favourite self-care moments being the dozen or more walks in the sunny afternoons I took after work, where I would grab lunch and sit/lay in the park below Edinburgh castle having the beauty of that to admire while I took all the sights, sounds and smell as others went about their business.
I still take walks, more so now with the pandemic as I was and now back to being stuck at home with nowhere to go but walking round the local area

I might also take time to entertain myself with a videos from subscriptions I have on YouTube. Some of these videos might just fulfill my interest in new or retro tech and computers, others might be gaming videos which can at times provide me with light laughter and on some occasions have me in tears because it’s funny.

Cooking is another way I self-care for myself, because who doesn’t love food, especially if you make it yourself from scratch or follow a recipe. My job title may be Assistant Chef but I’m not an amazing cook though I make exactly what I want and enjoy it/

I also like to wank a lot, and as I have been reviewing toys I have a reason to do so, other than the fact it can be pleasurable and also a great way to relax.
Wanking, masturbation, self-pleasure or whatever you call it, I think it’s something we should all do whether it’s daily or just on occasions.

Self-care for others

Not only is it good to look after yourself but it’s also just as good to look after others and care for them too, because when you’re in need there will hopefully be someone that can be a help to you, whether it’s a friend or a stranger on the internet or even phone.

Like I mentioned above, I live with my mum and care for her. My dad died 10 years ago and my mum is deaf in both ears, and while she can be independant to a degree she certainly couldn’t live on her own so as I’m at home I do a lot of caring from the day to day side alongside support workers she gets on 2 days.

Outside of family I have a really good friend I’ve known for years that I talk to a lot over Facebook messenger. We can talk for hours on end with each other no matter if it’s get to the early AM time.
She lost her dad a couple of years after mine so I became someone she could talk to about it and share my experience, and even though she now has a family she still talks to me and I love that she can come to me and discuss almost anything as I can with her, be it serious or fun.

I’ve made some friends and gained some nice followers on twitter. Some I speak to as more of a friend and check in with them replying to say a “Good morning/afternoon/evening” while others might not be at the friend stage but I will reply to some of their tweets and take the time to interact with them in hopefully a nice manner.
I know that I enjoy when someone interacts with me on twitter and it can make me feel good when I get replies to my tweets and if I can give back in the same way then I try to.

At the end of the day we should be providing ourselves with self-care, making sure we’re OK and then if possible keeping in touch with others and making sure they’re good too and generally being kind and caring people no matter what..

Thanks to Love is a Fetish for this meme, such a great idea for obvious reasons.

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