[January Jumpstart – Day 5] Looking at the previous day and the current day ahead.

Day 5 starts with going back to day 4, I took a few unplanned pics and used one of them for an also unplanned Lingerie Is For Everyone meme post.

I hadn’t planned any blogging yesterday, but the beauty of modern tech meant I could shoot, watermark then edit a pic prior to writing a blog post and adding said image before then publishing it all within my smartphone as I lay on my bed.

Day 5 has saw me have breakfast and make plans to start and finish a fairly easy toy review. I also still have to decide on future toys for potential review, I have 2 options so far with another few to look out before I submit them and see what comes of it.
I don’t plan on blogging today bar this post, although I said that yesterday, and I ended up posting something.

So I’m going to shower, write my review, have lunch and then maybe go for a walk to get some fresh air whilst I listen to some music on my headphone and take in the sights of local area or at least the good sights.

I did spend yesterday commenting on some Sinful Sunday posts so possibly today I’ll also have a browse of some other blogs and just enjoy the wonderful content of others.

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