[January Jumpstart – Day 4] Well received posts and writing a review.

[January Jumpstart – Day 4] Well received posts and writing a review.

I published a Sinful Sunday post yesterday which seemed to go down well which is always a good feeling, and following on from that I woke today to find my post for of Quote Quest week 28 was picked for the roundup which is again a good feeling.

I hadn’t planned to post anything for Sinful Sunday but everything fell into place for taking a few pics which then led me to realising I could use one for a post so I did and I’m glad I did.

Today I don’t plan on doing much in the way of blogging bar this post as I am all out of desire to write blog stuff plus I am awaiting someone to come and do the yearly service of our boiler.
I may continue writing a review of a toy I started writing last week since I’ve had plenty of uses with said toy to get a lot of my feelings and thoughts down, and I have been going over what to write in my head so I should get these written down as soon as I can.

Other than my review and this post I’m hoping to have a relaxing day, maybe go for a walk and just do nothing of note.

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