[January Jumpstart – Day 2] Cold morning, finishing a review and starting a new post.

[January Jumpstart – Day 2] Cold morning, finishing a review and starting a new post.

A cold start to the 2nd day of January with some more snowfall, but after a warming shower I sat down in my home office and put the finishing touches to a toy review, the finishing touches being a visit to the website Grammarly. I try to do my best when it comes to writing well though I do make mistakes that may not seem wrong in my eyes or that I may miss so using Grammarly fixes those little errors and mistakes for me.

Having sent off the review I now have a further 2 toys to finish reviewing in due course, but before that, I can have a look for any future toys I might want to review.

Aside from toy reviews, I plan on writing a blog post for this week’s Quote Quest which the quote fits in with January Jumpstart quite well, though I may not link then both in my post as I’ve had an idea in my head of what to write for a while now.

I also may want to work on a story/erotica I started last year but never got that far in. I’m not a great storyteller so it’s mostly been writing and then deleting stuff till things come out how I want, and i’m still building up to the meat of the story.

Other than blogging I’m trying to keep warm, drink plenty of strawberry flavoured Volvic water and keep relaxed with some music on in the background.

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