[January Jumpstart – Day 1] Ending 2020, the first day of 2021

[January Jumpstart – Day 1] Ending 2020, the first day of 2021

Joining in with a new meme

I love participating in various bloggers memes, they give me something to write towards when I may not have posts of my own ready to publish. So when I read about January Jumpstart from violetfawkes I thought it would be the perfect way to kick off the New Year with my blog and give me a reason to post content on my blog more frequently when I otherwise would be quiet at this time of the year other than maybe writing for Quote Quest, Sinful Sunday….etc.

For my first entry I thought I’d share what happened late on New Years Eve and the following morning. How did I end 2020, how did 2021 start and what’s next?.

Goodbye 2020

As we got nearer to the end of 2020 I jumped in a shower with a review toy and started my last wank of the year. I felt like the relaxation of the warm water hitting off me, and the pleasure of a vibrating toy was the perfect way to see out the year so that come time I could be relaxed in bed and see it pass over to 2021.

When I left my shower, dried off and lay in bed there was the constant pings on my phone as work colleagues posted in our group chat “Happy New Year”, there was also one of my best friends messaging me for reasons other than NY as a song from several years ago that came on her TV reminded her of me and how she thought I liked it when I couldn’t stand it.

I didn’t stay up too long after 12 as I had planned since I started to feel extra tired so just tried to get to sleep.

Hello 2021

For the first day of 2021 it’s been somewhat normal as I didn’t get up till 9am, then when I did get up I grabbed a basic breakfast of cereal before sitting down in my office at my PC wondering what I should do today as I eat said cereal and warmed up.

Do I take another walk like yesterday at some point albeit I would like to take somne pics while out but currently not in the mood.
Do I relax by playing a video-game all day, should I continue writing a review and or blog stuff or do I just relax considering it’s Jan 1st and I’m allowed to do nothing for one day.

Beyond 1st of Jan

My original plan for Jumpstart January posts was to write about each day, what my mood is or anything interesting that’s happened, and I still want to do that, but some days might not be post worthy for it so I will be using things like my own other posts and memes like Quote Quest, Sinful Sunday…etc as a way to keep up 31 days of posts

I know I don’t have to post everyday, but If I commit to wanting to post everyday then I can at least give it a go and see what comes of it.

So yeah, thanks VioletFawkes for having this meme, and not only do I look forward to posting for it, but also seeing what others do with it 🙂

Join in here with January Jumpstart

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