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[Quote Quest] – Morning Coffee ritual

[Quote Quest] – Morning Coffee ritual

“A morning coffee is my favorite way of starting the day, settling the nerves so that they don’t later fray.”

Marcia Carrington

As I read the above quote I knew that I could relate to it quite well even if it wasn’t exactly as it is written.

I work in a chain restaurant and with the particular brand I work for there is many perks, like staff food at a reasonable price, a good progression system if you want to go place, and the highlight for me being the free coffee.

One of my many roles in said restaurant means I go in with the opening manager/assistant manager/duty manager plus opening chef in the morning, before we’re ready to welcome customers.
More often than not, the opening manager will usually make coffee for anyone who’s in or if not I can make my own, and this happens everyday I’m in.

If I get a coffee straight away it helps to get me through my morning shift, and more importantly If I am them working an evening shift I am usually settled down by the end of the morning shift and ready for working later.
Depending on the manager who makes me a coffee, it can lead to a short period of chatting before I start or in between what I’m doing which can be fun. Whether it’s talking about the previous day/nights shift particularly if I wasn’t there, upcoming work stuff or just talking about life in general I love the conversations I have as it usually sets me up in a good mood and keeps me social IRL when I’m normally quiet or as they sometime call me “Ninja” hahaha

If I make my own coffee I love it for the reasons above too, like giving me energy and settling me down for the day ahead, but on the other hand I also love using he machines we have at my work. Getting to grind beans, froth milk and use a coffee shop style machine to me is so cool because at home I’ve usually used instant coffee or more recently a POD machine and so being able to use said machine and doo it all makes me feel like good even if I don’t always get it right with the milk frothing.

Even with my POD machine I was never a huge coffee drinker but since I started working in my restaurant I’ve had coffee almost every morning I work and it’s something I look forward to on my commute. Partially the free aspect is at play here but also the social aspect when I can take a few minutes out my morning to chat to someone makes coffee a must plus I actually like the type of beans we use so a latte with a touch of sugar can be tasty AF and yeah like I say it can set me up for the day whether I am working a short shift, day shift or on the rota till 10.30 at night where I will have multiple coffees spaced out during my shift.

*Featured Image is of a coffee I made myself one morning in work.*

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Top toys of late 2020/early 21 (And honorable mentions)


Having reviewed a number of sex toys in the latter half of 2020 over on the lovely LittleSwitchBitch blog I was excited to have a reason to make a top toys post on my own blog and share what toys I liked.

As we got very close to Christmas and the end of the new year I found out I was getting 2 major toys, one of which arrived Christmas eve and I wanted to wait till I reviewed them both before making this post, but one is yet to arrive so rather than waiting I will publish having finished the last review from toys received in 2020.

I decided on doing a top 5 so I could pick only the toys I really liked, with honorable mentions to the toys I liked but maybe not quite up there.

Toys I’ve reviewed

Before I start I thought I’d list all the toys I’ve reviewed up to the publishing of this post.

Accessoire Bizarre – Vinyl Sheet
Black velvets – Ring & Plug
Black Velvets – Vibrating Plug Medium
Colourful Joy – Bunny Tail Butt Plug
Horny Pony – Pony Tail Butt Plug
Nature Skin – Pussy & Ass Masturbator
Rebel – Rechargeable Prostate Stimulator
Rebel – Ultra soft vibrating silicone masturbator
Rebel – Masturbator with 2 functions
Rebel – Automatic Penis Pump
You2Toys Rechargeable Power Wand
Sweet Smile – Warming Masturbator
Tenga – FlipOrb Strong (Orange Crash)
Tenga – Flip ZERO EV (Black Strong Edition)
Tenga – Geo Aqua
Tenga – Spinner Brick
Tenga – Crysta Ball
Vibrating Glans Sucker
You2Toys Power Rotation
You2Toys Remote controlled cock ring

Top 5

I will go in reverse order from 5 to 1 and add a little piece on each toy, why I picked it, what I liked….etc.

  • 5. Colourful Joy – Bunny Tail Butt Plug

I’m a huge fan of tails and this bright pink bunny tail not only looked good but it’s small plug size mean I can wear it more often and enjoy the look without having to take time to warm up as much or need to be in the mood for anal toys.
It may not do much in terms of physical pleasure but as I say often, it’s the visual pleasure that I like best on tails and this is really nice.

  • 4. You2Toys Power Rotation

This is a unique toy in my collection and the design is similar to something I dreamt of in my head years ago. The unique aspect is of course the rotating beads which can give good pleasure when you get the right angle, and I found the toy overall to keep me pleasured for longer than anything I’ve ever tried which is good for longer sessions but for me it’s not one I’d used when I want a quickie or tighter sleeved toy.

  • 3. – Rebel – Ultra soft vibrating silicone masturbator

When I first got the Rebel I hadn’t had much luck with vibrating penis toys as most didn’t do anything for me, so I was wowed when using this and finding that the vibrations were strong and gave me the kind of pleasure I wanted from something than vibrated my penis.

  • 2. Tenga – Flip ZERO EV (Black Strong Edition)

Having used several Tenga toys including a Flip Orb I was a big fan of what they do and so having a Flip that vibrates was something I knew would be good. I wasn’t let down with the Flip ZERO EV which is a premium toy in every sense of the word. It has strong vibrations, some fantastic internal textures and has the classic Tenga design which not only makes it look nice and less sex toy but also addresses cleaning, drying and storage.

It just misses out on the top spot as I will explain below.

  • 1. Tenga – Flip Orb Strong (Orange Crash)

The Tenga Flip Orb was the first Flip model I owned and really made me see just how good Tenga toys are. Like the EV above it has the awesome tenga design with a non sex toy look, a focus on cleaning, drying and storage.

The internal texture Is one I love with what Tenga calls orbs providing some excellent sensations and excellent pleasure. There’s also the ability to adjust the pressure which is a nice feature
It’s this internal texture that for me makes this my number for me. Don’t get me wrong I also love the texture on the EV model of flip but I just prefer the texture on this that little but more.

After my review I’ve continued to use the Flip Orb on many more occasions and I still get a lot of pleasure from it leading to some nice orgasms.

Honorable Mentions

You2Toys Rechargeable Power Wand – This is a lovely toy with some intense vibrations from a rechargeable toy giving me amazing pleasure. It doesn’t make my list as I expect wands to have some strong vibrations and do well when used on my penis, sure not all will be great but there was nothing here that I felt warranted being in the top 5.

Tenga – Spinner Brick – This has all the lovely Tenga design as those in my top 5 and I love this as a small masturbator with a somewhat unique spinning action, but unfortunately for the Spinner I have higher-end toys from Tenga so it doesn’t make my list.

Sweet Smile – Warming Masturbator – I loved this toy from Sweet Smile, it had a nice warming feature which was a first for me and some pretty strong vibrations which provided some great orgasms but I feel like there was something missing with the internal sleeve/chamber that stopped it from going on my list.


Gotta give a huge shout out to the LittleSwitchBitch for allowing me to guest review on her blog, and just being awesome. Also massive thanks to Tenga and Orion for providing the toys I reviewed.

[KOTW] – Scents and me

[KOTW] – Scents and me


To begin this Kink Of The Week I’m going to start with a story and lead into some thoughts/musings on the topic related to it so enjoy….hopefully.


As someone who doesn’t drive I rely on public transport and in particular buses to get me not only to/from work but also any activities outside of work. When travelling by bus there is often a range of different people I see, some I see everyday when I’m going to work as they are, some I see occasionally and those I see once.

During one of my commutes to work last year I was engrossed in listening to music like I always do and at the same time playing a game of Solitaire so when people got on the bus I took no notice of them or even saw who it was for the most part unless I happened to look up.

As the bus stopped 10 minutes into my journey someone got on who happened to walk past my seat and sit at the back of the bus which was 1 row away from where I was.
I caught a glimpse of them walking by me out the corner of my eye but didn’t really see them as my focus was on my phone screen.

As the bus then continued on my attention was drawn to the scent of the person who had just got on and passed my seat, I didn’t know who they were or what they looked like but through my mask I got this wonderful smell that took me away to a dream like state in my mind trying to figure out who this person was and what they looked like as I didn’t want to look back as it would have been obvious that I was looking at them.

At the same time I tried to figure out their scent since it was different than anything I has smelled before. It was almost like a “Female” floral scent mixed in with a little bit of the type of deodorant targeted towards “Men” that isn’t Lynx (Axe to those in the US) which was odd to me but the combination in my head seemed to work although I assume it was merely meant to make them smell good rather than attract attention from anyone.

The rest of the journey I couldn’t keep the scent away, and even when the passenger got off many stops before I did I also couldn’t help but think about it and them until I got to work and the lure of free coffee took my mind away till I was finished and got the thought back on the journey home.

Scents the bigger picture

The above story is one out of several that all follow the same path where I notice the scent of someone as I’m on a bus before I even know who they are, if I notice them at all, but there is more to a scent than that.

Having only had 1 relationship in the past I often get little reminders of that particular partners scent, the way they smelled as we hugged each other, held hands and walked places or just sat next to each other.
I will never get their scent back but I will always be reminded of them and the moment in time we spent together through their scent i’m reminded off as it was one of the best times I had as a teen which I can’t forget.

Other scents remind me of a particular person in different ways for example if I get things from my sister there may be a familiar scent from her house which reminds me of the times when I’d go to hers on Christmas day, to just have dinner and spend family time together with my mum and her hubs plus in the last few years my niece and nephew. Of course in my own house I’m nose blind to it’s scent but my sisters house has a particular scent which is pleasing to smell and for the most part is associated with good memories.

Finally there’s one scent I both loved and hated, and miss which was animal scent particularly that of a dog but also cat scent too. I moved into my current house 15 years ago with 2 cats and a dog all who are now sadly now gone, but their scent is something I miss.
Having the dog lay on my bed or near me as I watched TV I would often get his scent which I never liked so much and looked forward to the day when I’d shampoo him but once he was gone the smell stayed for a bit and It reminded me of the good times.
He would always nudge my arm as a I sat on a chair or edge of the couch with my arm on the rest hoping i’d pet him which I did and even if I was careful I end up with all over my jumper/t-shirt and his scent.

The last of the 2 cats we had wasn’t an overly friendly one but she’d often come and sit on my lap getting me covered in hairs and her scent. She also come near when I had food including meat products because she wanted it and would try to steal it off my plate if she could which I wouldn’t let her but during this time I always got her scent on me or could just smell it. Again like he dog her scent stayed in the house for a bit so I never forgot about her too soon and even today I get reminded of her scent when I’m eating particular food as I think about if she were here now I can guarantee she’d be all over my food trying to get some if she could.

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[January Jumpstart day 13] Better planning and scheduling plus it’s OK to not post.

[January Jumpstart day 13] Better planning and scheduling plus it’s OK to not post.

Even before the NY had come I said to myself that I would participate in January Jumpstart no matter what as I had an idea for posts that I could use when I wasn’t participating in a meme or writing my own posts.

Unfortunately I skipped 2 days because I had nothing to post, and didn’t want to make something up just to get a daily post in.
I had just about written a post one of the days but I needed to edit some pictures to add into but my mood to edit pics wasn’t there and so I’ve held off on finishing the post.

I got a little sad that I didn’t post anything in the last 2 days breaking my streak, but I realised it’s OK not to post if I don’t have anything ready and/or I’m not in the mood.
I shouldn’t force myself to post as it’s likely to end up with poor results and I’d rather not have that.

On the flip side of the above, I realised that for some days I had posted more than once and from this I began to think that I should have kept some of these posts back and used them for subsequent days.
Said posts didn’t need to be published on a particular day or at a particular time which is where I feel like I should do better planning and scheduling.

If what I’m doing has a set day/time to be posted by i.e. meme posts, and I can see future weeks In advanced then planning and scheduling is something I do well.
If It’s general posts of my own then I don’t set myself any goals, timeframes or have reasons to post which means I don’t plan things out all too well.

All of the above is therefore making me want to better plan and schedule posts, think about when I should post if needed, is it OK to post twice in one day or should I leave one for the next day.
I understand that I get a post idea, start writing and finish it all within the same day which makes me want to post ASAP but taking a step back once my post is written should be what I do, see what’s what and maybe link up with a # XYZ day on twitter or save the post for a meme day that it fits in with if I don’t already have an idea for it,

My drafts folder has one post ready to go, which as I mentioned above only needs me to edit some images for, but the other posts are half-finished or just ideas.
I would love to have more “Ready to go” posts for the days where I have a desire to publish something but no mood to actually sit and write or just have a suitable post for a situation that comes up like a meme.

[January Jumpstart day 10] Photo confident, not quite yet but slowly getting there.

[January Jumpstart day 10] Photo confident, not quite yet but slowly getting there.

I posted for Sinful Sunday yesterday and also posted the week before which for me is a big thing for me.
I’ve never been confident in taking pictures very often, so to have 2 consecutive posts both using new and fresh pictures was not only fun but helped me gain some confidence that maybe I should just take pics I like, give them a basic edit and post.
If I think they are OK for myself them surely someone out there will also appreciate them, and while I have no issues with body confidence I still don’t like it as much as other bodies I see out there.

Actually I took 3 different pics at the one time so have a 3rd pic I’ve yet to do anything with, but I’m likely going to use the fact that I already post the other two and edit it for next weeks Sinful Sunday then maybe work on some fresh pics when I get the time, space and mood or more confidence.

I would love to get some kind of phone mount and remote eventually so I can use my smartphone camera better but until I am fully confident with extra pics I will hold out rather than spend money on something I don’t really need right now.

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[Quote Quest] I Can’t Ever Get Enough of You

[Quote Quest] I Can’t Ever Get Enough of You

We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love.

Tom Robbins

The quote and pre-love

Love is something that has been a part of me for as long as I can remember, and when I saw this quote for Quote Quest I knew I had to write something on it.

A quick note before I begin to say all these things happened before I discovered I was anything other than straight and before I’d even question my sexuality so it’s.

Before I knew what love really was I had what I might call a precursor to it, this was in the form of a huge crush on a girl in my class in school when I was maybe 9 or 10 years old. It was the first time I had liked anyone so I didn’t know how to explain the wonderful feelings I had, and ultimately I lacked self-confidence to act upon these feelings meaning nothing happened, and to this day I’ve never mentioned it to anyone (Apart from this post)

First Love

My first real love was when I was in high-school around the age 12 or 13 and I still remember exactly what I was doing when it hit me because I could never forget it.

I was walking home one Friday afternoon as my school had a half-day on a Friday, I was minding my own business as I walked when I happened to look up across the road to see a girl from my class which I though nothing off because at that point she was just a girl I knew but didn’t talk to or anything.

As I continued walking I had to then follower her route which reached some steps and within view was said girls house. As I started to walk down these steps, again lost in my own thoughts I suddenly got this huge sensation in my stomach (Butterflies) and the girl I had seen from my class unexpectedly came into my head. On the rest of my walk home I couldn’t stop thinking about her, the butterflies in my stomach increased and the smile on my face I imagine was huge.
I at first didn’t know what was happening, sure she was nice, maybe pretty if you’d have ask me but I had no prior feelings for her, we were in the same class and that was it until that point.

This love lasted a year or two but nothing ever came of it, or the two of us. She was always just a girl in my class and nothing more, but those feeling I had will never go out of my mind.
I wasn’t seeking love, I had no feelings for this girl before but somehow love came to and I just let it happen.

Second/final Love and first girlfriend

My 2nd love was back in 2004 when I spent time hanging out with friends from school and one of them from a year below I knew got a friend to hang out. We didn’t do much other than sit in the park laughing and joking with each other, running about the area most of the friends lived in, and sometimes playing pranks with the local pay phone.
As I started to get to know this new girl I began to see her as a friend and loved her being with us which quickly started to grow into a crush as we spent time together even in the group.

During this time I still identified as straight, and I was beginning to get more feelings for her which was a little nervy for me as I had never been so close to a girl who also seemed to like me in some way and certainly not one where friends saw something between us.
Eventually I would hint within the group that I liked someone (Not within the group) which led to me giving her a note which she thought was the name of a girl I liked and not her.
From here I got the courage to ask her out via text, and she said yes in the end which made me so happy I even had to text my sister about it, sister being 4 years older than me.

One of the best if vague memories I have of this period was a dream I had she was in. I don’t remember what happened in the dream but I remember during it and afterwards having this amazing feeling come over me that’s hard to describe, it was like butterflies in my stomach times 1 billion and honestly I felt anything as good prior to it, nor have I felt anything as good since.

Agin like my first love, I wasn’t particularly seeking love and this girl was just a friend of a friend who started hanging out with us and being a friend I unexpectedly fell in love with and dated for 7 months having some of the best times of my life.

The Quote and conclusion

As the quote says “We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love.”
In my 2nd love and subsequent relationship I wasn’t specifically looking for love, and so I stayed in the here and now which led me to create a friendship, then crush turned love which then became a relationship giving me the best times ever and the most amazing feeling I wish I could get again

The “perfect lover” may be out there for you but by taking time to look for them means you are missing the here and now, the people that may pass you by and the love you could be creating with someone who may be part of your life directly or through friends, work colleagues…etc

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[January Jumpstart Day 8] Pleasures from figuring out WP blog stuff on my own.

[January Jumpstart Day 8] Pleasures from figuring out WP blog stuff on my own.

When I started blogging I had zero idea what I was doing having never blogged, created a website or done anything like this before.
Yes I’m techy and I can do things like build computers, install windows/linux along with some other software related stuff, but setting up a WordPress blog was new to me and I knew it was going to be a learning experience.

I, for better or worse settled on the .com (would .org have been better for a starter blog?) version of WordPress and got to work trying to create what would be my blog.
For the first few days I played about with pages, posts and various options until I got to grips with how things worked in a basic sense, knowing I would learn more as I went and really just wanting to get something up I could share with people and use for posting.

After a while of tinkering I created what I feel was a nice looking blog. I had a self created logo/header, a functioning menu system and it looked good while also being easy for me to add to when I, say participated in a new meme and wanted to add it to my menu.
Having stuck with the design for several months I noticed over Christmas that category sections showed up as one long vertical list titled archives whereas my main page was laid out in a grid and showed parts of 4 posts before you needed to scroll which in my eyes was what I wanted all pages to be, so hopefully any visitors would see more of my post and click on them and read.

Having googled my issue of wanting to change the layout from a vertical list to a grid style all I got was results with CSS code which weren’t useful, and so even with a look round the options myself I couldn’t see anyway to do what I wanted and let it be till now.
I then put out a tweet asking for help as some of my followers also use WP and I thought they would maybe know how I could do what I wanted.
Having got a DM with some help I had already tried it came up that they might be able to help via teamviewer the next day which I was happy to do if it meant they could help.

The same night I went back to WP and was playing about with pages when the solution appeared to me and it was so simple that I don’t know how I never saw it before.
When I created a new page I set it as a blog page which was auto-populated with just all my blog posts in the grid style I wanted, from this I clicked on a post in the grid which opened up some new block settings one of which was the option to specify a category. and when I did so the page kept the grid but the only content shown was posts in the category I had set which was exactly what I wanted.

From the above I edited the page a little and saved it whereby I just copied it multiple times over and then editing each one so that they had all the different categories I had.
Once I had a page for every category I had to then edit my menu whereby instead of using categories I used the newly created pages.
After all this was done I had achieved exactly what I wanted to do in making more posts visible and making my site overall much nicer in the process.

The relief and pride I had wasn’t huge but I was happy that I managed to figure things out on my own. Yes I had googled and yes I had asked for help which may have solved my issued but in the end I did it, I figured it out and learned a skill through trial and error which for me is the best way to learn unless it’s something important

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