A 2020 blogging, reviewing and personal retrospective

As we near the end of the year I thought I’d take a short look back at my blog and some of the semi-related things that happened with me from 2020 or at least the 2nd half of the year when these things started.

I started reviewing toys more frequently (Had done some odd reviews before) around June time when I did a guest review for the awesome LittleSwitchBitch the review being of a Tenga toy. That first review worked out well and things just continued from there in regards to more reviews from Tenga and Orion.de which seem to have been well received which I would have never imagined earlier on in the year, but to which I’m thankful for the opportunity and for how well they turned.
There is still a number of reviews to come likely coming out in 2021 at this point, so keep a look out for those and what I hoping will be the first review to go on my own blog.

From these reviews came the blog which came about because not only did I find writing reviews enjoyable, but also because I was seeing all these meme projects like QuoteQuest, SinfulSunday…etc and I wanted a way to not only write down thoughts, feelings and stuff into posts but also as a way to enable me to better participate in said memes.

When I started the blog I didn’t have a clue what I was doing or how it would turn out but I’ve tried to stick at it, and lots of you have read my posts and commented on them for which I’m so grateful. Knowing anyone reads my blog has been scary, but the more you read and comment on newer posts of mine the easier it has become to enjoy seeing people visit the blog and while I’m not quite posting as much as I’d like there’s plenty ideas/drafts for future posts, at least one of which I’m excited to see what people think once I get to finishing it.

So to end, all I can say is a HUGE thanks to LittleSwitchBitch, Tenga, Orion.de for being able to do toy reviews and realise how much I enjoy writing. Secondly a huge thanks all of you who visited my blog, read my posts and commented on them plus my reviews if you read those along with visiting the blog, it’s always appreciated.

Here’s to 2021 and I hope you all have a better year than 2020
Stay happy, healthy and safe with a little bit of sexy too hehe

We Fear Nothing

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