Monday Musings #8 The reasoning behind sex toys I review

In the past I only ever reviewed the occasional sex toys and during this time I got toys without really having much reason for them, other than than I liked getting free toys, and I found pleasure in taking the time and effort to write my reviews.

As I’ve moved on to becoming a reviewer more regularly the way I review toys has changed. Most of the more recent reviews I’ve done HERE have been toys I was able to pick for review and when doing so I’ve tried to have a reason behind every choice and I try not to pick toys just to review and that’s it.

It may be that I had my eye on a certain type of toy for a while so that gives me a good reason to pick it and write a review, knowing it was a toy I wanted prior to doing reviews. Whether the toy is good or bad I know I can be honest with a review because of wanting rather than being sent it or picking it randomly.

I also may pick a toy or toys because they have certain features that appeal to me whether it’s a warming feature, or in the case of this Tenga toy it was because of the spinning function that was something I’d thought about in toys but had never experienced before.

Some toys might be similar to those I already own or toys I’ve owned in the past and it’s always nice to see how a different brand of toy stacks up. Some of these toys I own/owned might not have been great so trying a different brand may yield better results or it may just be a toy is cheaper and I’m curious to see how good or bad it is.

Finally there is the occasional toy I got that may be very simple and easy to review but the beauty of these is that I know 99.9% that I’ll like and I know the review will be positive.
I just like the fact with these toys I can share my thoughts on a toy that doesn’t vibrate, isn’t big or isn’t for the more experienced user but despite all of this I find it one of my favourites.


I try to have a reason for every toy I review and for the most part I want to use these toys once I’m done with a review.
Some reviews toys might be great but I just don’t like and some but just be flat-out bad for any number of reasons but I know at the end of the day I’m not just writing a review simply because I was sent a toy for free when I had no interest in it or very little to warrant a review normally.

Yes other toy reviewers might work differently and that’s fair enough but for me I like to know why I’m reviewing a toy, what’s the reason and in the end the writing will be fun.

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