[Quote Quest] Becoming undone but needing someone to undo my buttons for that to happen quicker.

The more buttons you undo,’ she said, the faster I become undone.

Michael Faudet

Initially when I read this quote I struggled to find a way to write about it, but I came back after thinking I wouldn’t write a post and re-read it to which I started to get ideas.

“the faster I become undone.”

To become undone for me is to get comfortable in various situations and be myself, the situations being particularly of a sexual nature where I’m very much not experienced with and therefore not overly comfortable in myself in these situations. Sure I’ve posted somewhat naked pics online, I write reviews of sex-toys and watch a lot of porn, but to do these things in real life with someone is something I’ve rarely done probably 3 times in total and only once where sex was involved.

My current situation as singleton sees me as buttoned up but ready to be unbuttoned, ready to explore more and to use the quote “Become undone”

“The more buttons you undo”

In order to become undone, I need someone to undo my buttons. Whether I’m exploring vanilla sex, kinks, fetishes or whatever each act I can refer to as the buttons ready to be unbuttoned and as each one goes I’m becoming more undone which means I’m getting more comfortable and I can be myself.

I had hoped to get more undone in 2020, I had vague ideas of what I want to do but we all know how this years has gone so it’s back to the drawing board until things change and I can maybe take 2020s ideas into 21 or beyond.

I’m not doing to sit here and dwell on things though because I know that I will be undone eventually and I can just enjoy dreaming of all the ways In which it may happen.

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