Reviews and blogging, how I keep organised.

Reviews and blogging, how I keep organised.

Post blogging/reviews + Beginnings.

The idea for this post came about after a twitter conversation/DM I had regarding review toys, both outstanding and any future ones yet to be sent to me.

I won’t go into detail on the conversation I had, but basically it started off with being told I had X reviews left to complete, but I knew I had less because I try to be organised with these things and I could easily check and confirm.
In the end it turned out to be a simple miscalculation (These things can happen, I know they can with me) but the talk of being organised formed the basis for the idea to make this post.

During the earlier part of 2020 in the first lockdown here in the UK, I invested in a NAS (Network attached storage) which as a techy/computer enthusiast is something I wanted to do, and so I got a cheaper used model to test out. I put 2 hard drives into the NAS, connected it up to my home network where by I could store all my files on it and be able to access them from any device be it my desktop, laptop, smartphone or even a tablet.
If setup correctly I could even access said files outwith my home when i’m out and about.

As the year went on, I started to write sex toy reviews and even started this blog which meant I needed to be organised and be able to keep track of said reviews, images for reviews, post images and really any files related to my reviews/blogging.

Toy reviews

As toy reviews came first not only did I need to have the main written review for a toy but also associated images of the product, and from here I started of making a reviews folder within my NAS. With Tenga being the only brand of reviews at the start I created a Tenga folder within my toy reviews folder and then within that Tenga folder I created a reviews to do folder as pictured below.

When I a got a toy or even several I created a folder for each which went into the to do folder. Each review folder contained the written review and the photos of the toy I had taken, and once I had finished the review it was submitted to go live whereby I could move it out of the to do folder which mean it was done, rinse and repeat till there was nothing left in the to do folder meaning all reviews had been completed and were either live or had been sent to go live.

When I then got the chance to review non-Tenga toys from the retailer I added a new folder, this time called, you guessed it Orion.
Although I was getting different brands of toy from Orion they would come in batches, so all my reviews from them would go into the one Orion folder, albeit they would have their own sub folder as shown below and again I created a to do folder.

My thinking with Orion reviews was that it was easy to know that if they sent me a toy or several then I would be able to easily know what toys where from them and then within that what ones I had reviewed, which I had left to do.

This folder structure I felt would make referencing reviews in the future a lot easier.
I want to talk about a toy and say Orion/Tenga/Whoever sent it, then I can know that.
If I happen to get well known branded toys in the future but not from the brand themselves then I can easily alter things, so for example in my Tenga folder I may have a folder called X-toy where I then add in the sender to the name.


When it came to starting my blog I knew I’d want to be organised with it just like my toys, and from that I decided to create a blogging folder and just move my toy reviews folder into it.

Currently the blog folder is organised even it’s slightly untidy, but my general idea behind it is to store the images I use in my post, any images relating to my avi/logo/twitter header…etc and as a place to store any written files that are not done via wordpress like the QuoteQuest roundup I did which was sent off to someone else once I had written it.

I sometimes also like to create my own logos for my posts or in the case of my blog/twitter header and these get saved into their respective folder so should I want to access them or any images/posts for whatever reason in the future I can refer to the right folder. Even if I change up the look of my blog and then decide down the line to go back I can easily do so as I have things saved and backed up.


Having a NAS has been great in keeping me organised and able to access my files anywhere I want whether it’s writing blog posts on my laptop, writing toy reviews on desktop PC or just doing blog related stuff from my smartphone.

I am able to know things better for example I see what reviews I’ve done and which one are still to be written (Started or not) and what images I have to said toys. I can also find things that I need because their organised in relevant folders as well as being backed up the the cloud via Dropbox/Google.

If a review gets lost when sending it or maybe it gets corrupted I can access a working copy, if I want to reference a review maybe quote it or maybe I need to remember who sent me it then I can easily do so.
If I end up moving my blog to say and want to keep everything then most of not all my blog content will be there should I need it when setting up.

Whatever my needs are for storing files for blogging or reviews I know I have a organised system in place that makes it easy for me.

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