[Quote Quest] Writing and me.

[Quote Quest] Writing and me.

If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.

Stephen King

The quote for this weeks Quote Quest was immediately interesting to me simply because I’ve started to write a lot more in the last few months, be it sex toy reviews or just blog posts, and therefore I could dissect the quote in regards to my own self as someone who’s never considered themselves a writer even now.

If you count previous magazine subscriptions and newspapers then yes I’ve read a fair bit, but in terms reading books it would be a big fat no even if I now own a kindle.
Technology, video-games and music have been my likes, and so reading of books has just never happened for me.

As for writing a lot, I’ve done sporadic writing over the years of the odd sex toy until the last few months when I started writing regular sex toy reviews which got me into blogging and writing posts of my own and participating in memes like Quote Quest.

Having started blogging and in particular participated in memes, it has led me to read a lot more in the form of posts from other bloggers on said memes which has not only inspired me to continue writing, but also it has given me ideas and inspiration about what and how I write.

As for my own blog posts, while I may not publish lots the act of making a draft of an idea I have and then starting to write as few lines has kept me going with writing. Some of these drafts are things I will work on as and when I get the desire and other times it’s just things I may want to do in the future when I can figure out how I want to tackle the idea I have.

While I may not considering myself a writer in the sense of being a professional writer of books, newspapers articles, magazine articles or things online I still think the quote is fitting for myself who blogs for fun and as a side part to my real life.

The toy reviews I wrote made me want to write more and more hence this blog, and from that the reading of other bloggers posts through memes along with comments and such have given me lots of ideas and inspirations in terms of future writing.

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