[Quote Quest] How I work best

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving

Albert Einstein

As someone who owns a mountain bike and likes cycling i’m well aware that by constantly moving you are able to keep your balance, and like the quote I have found this to apply to my own life and how I best do things by keeping on moving..

“To keep your balance, you must keep moving”

Work Life.

Having started a new job 4 years ago I found that the more shifts I did over a longer period of the time the easier it became for me to feel comfortable in my work. and as in the quote I’d keep my balance. When I started I wasn’t always given regular shifts at least not kitchen shifts, the nature of the job of hospitiallity, but even so I always felt like I was slowing down and losing balance when I did get more shifts and finding it hard to keep going.

As the months and years passed I did get more and more shifts and eventually I was comfortable enough with the job I was doing so could easily regain my balance and keep moving even if there were quiet periods where I was forced to slow down i.e. quieter weeks.

The same thing applies to my everyday life and blogging too.

Everyday life.

The same balance analogy applies to my everyday life and to my blogging too.

At home there are lots of adulting tasks that need done and generally looking after my deaf mum who I live at home with. And in the last 10 years since my dad passed away I’ve found I need to be constantly doing things for me to keep my balance.

For instance making a phone call when needed, going to appointments with my mum or sorting any issues at home, these things may not be regular occurrences but by doing them when they happens means I’m still moving and in the future I am less likely to lose my balance or in my case feel stressed about doing things because I’ve got to used to doing things.


With regards to blogging, the quote for me is about sticking at my blog, making regular posts, and generally working on things even if it’s a draft post or altering the way things work/look on the blog.

If I keep working on the blog when I can then it helps me with future content when I’ve already got a lot of stuff, and if I relate it to the quote, the more I do equals the more I’m moving which in turn means I am able to easily work on new posts and therefore I’m keeping my balance.

Just as in riding a bike in real life, I know that the more I keep moving the better my balance is and therefore I keep myself moving in the right direction

My bike during a rest stop one summers afternoon

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2 thoughts on “[Quote Quest] How I work best

  1. I admire your ability to continue working on your blog. I think after several months of posting every single day, I’m burned out and my brain is fried. I haven’t even brought myself to work on draft in a week.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Xx
      I’m just over a month into blogging so I’m trying to stick to it no matter what posts I make.

      I think it’s natural to be burned out sometimes, and it’s best to take time off until you feel ready to come back,


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