[Sinful Sunday] – A visually pleasurable toy

So, my first ever Sinful Sunday, and what better way for my first post for it and week 500 than to show off my favourite type of toy in tail butt plugs.

Wearing a tail is the most visually pleasurable thing for me, and even if it’s a small one that doesn’t vibrate or provide any other pleasure I still love wearing them from time to time.

Congrats on 500 weeks of Sinful Sunday and long may it continue.

Sinful Sunday
Join in with Sinful Sunday

15 thoughts on “[Sinful Sunday] – A visually pleasurable toy

    1. Thank you, tails are my favourite toy and good for photos.
      Too bad I couldn’t get my new review pony-tail to work for this, I tried to use it but I’m not sure if overestimated the size somewhat.


  1. Yes I love a tail too but have not worn mine in a while. I shall have to change that soon. Thank you so much for joining in with Sinful Sunday. I hope you enjoy being part of the community


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