Month: November 2020

[Quote Quest] Writing and me.

[Quote Quest] Writing and me.

If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.

Stephen King

The quote for this weeks Quote Quest was immediately interesting to me simply because I’ve started to write a lot more in the last few months, be it sex toy reviews or just blog posts, and therefore I could dissect the quote in regards to my own self as someone who’s never considered themselves a writer even now.

If you count previous magazine subscriptions and newspapers then yes I’ve read a fair bit, but in terms reading books it would be a big fat no even if I now own a kindle.
Technology, video-games and music have been my likes, and so reading of books has just never happened for me.

As for writing a lot, I’ve done sporadic writing over the years of the odd sex toy until the last few months when I started writing regular sex toy reviews which got me into blogging and writing posts of my own and participating in memes like Quote Quest.

Having started blogging and in particular participated in memes, it has led me to read a lot more in the form of posts from other bloggers on said memes which has not only inspired me to continue writing, but also it has given me ideas and inspiration about what and how I write.

As for my own blog posts, while I may not publish lots the act of making a draft of an idea I have and then starting to write as few lines has kept me going with writing. Some of these drafts are things I will work on as and when I get the desire and other times it’s just things I may want to do in the future when I can figure out how I want to tackle the idea I have.

While I may not considering myself a writer in the sense of being a professional writer of books, newspapers articles, magazine articles or things online I still think the quote is fitting for myself who blogs for fun and as a side part to my real life.

The toy reviews I wrote made me want to write more and more hence this blog, and from that the reading of other bloggers posts through memes along with comments and such have given me lots of ideas and inspirations in terms of future writing.

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Monday musings #6 – Sex Toys 101 part 1: What are my go to penis/ masturbation toys?

My sex toy collection has increased in the last 3 months due to more frequent reviews, and while I’m not going to do a full-on beginners guide right now as some have done recently, I did want to share my go to sex toys.

Part 1 is as the title says about my go to penis/masturbation toys.

As a penis owner that’s where the bulk of my fun comes from, and a good penis masturbator is a mast for me. Whether it’s a basic sleeved kind or one with vibration that I use depends on my mood and whether or not I’m going for a quickie or longer session of fun.

Tenga FlipOrb Strong

I pick Tenga toys when I want non vibrating fun as I currently don’t have any vibrating model, and the FlipOrb Strong definitely fits the bill. I like the fact that you can use it normally or press down and get more suction plus the internal texture is pleasurable and overall it’s just nice to use.

Tenga Spinner Brick

Another go to Tenga product is the Spinner brick. It’s smaller than the Flip mentioned above and has the novel feature of spinning as you masturbate.
The reason I like the spinner is because of it’s size and the fact i’m not using such a big toy when I don’t want to. It also helps that the pleasure you get from it is really good.
I have the brick textured version and while I haven’t tried any of the other textures I can imagine them being just as good.

Rebel – Ultra soft vibrating silicone masturbator

I never found vibrating masturbartors to do much for me or at the ones I had tried in the past but the Rebel – Ultra soft vibrating silicone masturbator has been one of 2 toys that changed that and I love it.
Post review it’s a toy I’ve used on many occasions when I want a masturbatior with vibrations simply because the vibrations it provide are really good, and when I hit the right spot with this I get so much pleasure.

Sweet Smile – Warming Masturbator

The 2nd vibrating masturbartor in this list is the Sweet Smile – Warming Masturbator.
I originally got it to test out a toy that warms and on my first use I wasn’t 100% sold on the overall toy, but as I’ve used it more and more I began to realise I liked it a lot.
Again like the Rebel, it’s a toy I use when I’m in the mood for vibrations and I love that it has awesome suction once your fully inside with pleasurable vibration patterns and it’s just overall a toy I love.

So, these are 4 of my go to toys for penis play. I do use other toys on occasion as I like to mix it up or get different pleasures, but for the most part these are the toys I will grab more often that not.

Part 2 coming the week after this goes live will be on Anal toys πŸ™‚

[Sinful Sunday] I’m blue, da ba dee da ba di, but cheering myself up.

I’m beginning to feel blue for a few reasons, my current mood as of late isn’t helping.
Despite this though, I decided what better way to cheer myself up than to take some pics for Sinful Sunday as I relaxed on a fresh cover I placed on my bed.

BTW, these are unedited photos. I happen to have some Google Assistant controlled smart bulbs which do colour and so why not put the one in my bedroom to good use hehe.

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[Quote Quest] The dreams that got away (For now).

[Quote Quest] The dreams that got away (For now).

Dreaming, after all,Β is a form of planning.

Gloria Steinem

For the most part i’m not one who dreams about much related to real life, let alone any sort of planning and it’s evident over the last year or two by people from work telling me I should take holiday time. I didn’t take any holidays because I had zero plans or was just not confident enough to plan anything major for me to do solo, even if I had dreams, day-dreams or thoughts of things I wanted to do.

In 2020 though I was going to take more holiday time off from work and do stuff, or so I told myself prior to and at the beginning of the year.

As the year started I began with 2 smaller plans in the form of gigs, 1 for a band from Liverpool called Anathema in March and the other in April for Swedish death metal band In Flames. Beyond this I had no concrete plans but knew I wanted to do something fun, adventurous and go somewhere for the first time that wasn’t just a short train journey within Scotland like I had done before when I wasn’t so confident.
I also had plans of a new tattoo based off of my username and the reasoning behind it which I made a post about HERE.

Come march, I got to go to the first gig and see Anathema which was fantastic, and it was my first time seeing them having been made aware of them years prior by an Irish friend since one of their songs featured the singer from one of her and my own favourite bands.

Post gig I even managed to attend the pre-planned staff night out with everyone from work the first day back from my 2 weeks off, I work in restaurant so it’s not easy to get xmas time off for a night out.

Unfortunately though I had been back for less than a week or maybe just over a week when the UK lockdown happened due to COVID and most of my plans got put on hold.
The 2nd gig that I had been looking forward to ended up being cancelled and it became apparent that we’d be in this COVID pandemic for the long-haul so any plans I put on hold I basically shuttered till further notice.

As the months rolled on, I began to day-dream or just think about the things I wanted to do and how the conversations from work colleagues of “You need to take holidays” rang through my mind.
I wanted to go places, be adventurous and just take a proper solo holiday abroad having never been abroad or many places outside Scotland . My original plan was maybe Sweden as I like bands from there, and one city has a theme/amusement park so I could get my thrills of riding new roller coasters (Only done 4 so far) plus I could just do touristy things as well and relax.

As I dreamt of these plans that got away I was also reminded, that even though I wanted to do a lot of things the confidence to do some of these might not have been there and so I might not have go to do them.
Gigs and a new tattoo I’ve done before, but travelling was not something I was familiar with beyond a few days away in Scotland once, a stay over for gigs a few times or a day out in a new city.

Whether I had the confidence or not to do these things, the lockdown and COVID made it clear that in 2020 these plans had got away from me, and right now I daren’t dream about any major plans because I don’t know what the future holds especially for me personally.

That being said, I’d prefer keep my mind open for other dreams, those that are not really part of any planning consciously or sub-consciously and which can provide me with joy even if I forget about them as soon as I wake up.

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Exploration of my sexuality, same sex, sex, and losing my virginity all in the one year.

The years were 2014/15, where a many things happened and one which I began to explore myself more than ever before including losing my virginity.

I firstly began to question my sexuality, something which I had thought about in the past but ultimately put to the back of my mind. All the occasional thoughts of guys I had in the past came back, the occasional not straight porn I gravitated towards to but put off once I was done, and just the little things from growing up that didn’t click in my mind until now.

As I realised I was more bi than straight, I began to want to explore it more, not really knowing at first how to go about it.
The easiest way was through porn, watching anything other than straight including trans porn which I did with a more open mind and found that I actually liked it more than I thought. Not everything I liked, but there was definitely specific types I did enjoy more than others and often wished I had delved deeper into it in the past when I normally dismissed it.

From here I wandered onto ‘dating sites’ or rather more adult type sites and decided to sign up for one just to see what was what. Initially I wasn’t keen on hookups but more or less chatting to other guys and getting a feel for things and how I felt.
At this point I was still a virgin and had never really engaged in sexual activity of any kind with anyone, so the act of doing it was somewhat beyond my confidence, especially as I had, until that point always saw myself as losing my virginity with the opposite sex. Add to that the fact I wasn’t 100% out there as bi to myself let alone anyone else I didn’t want to jump into things too soon.

I ended up occasionally chatting to bi guys some of which where general talking about each other and general chit chat, while others strayed into more sexual talk which I began to enjoy when in the right mood for that kind of talk.

The chatting, especially when it got sexual, slightly improved my confidence in knowing I was bi and wanting to go further. Not could I find the odd guy nice looking physically, but if I really enjoyed it when talking especially about sex between us then I knew I could easily refer to myself as bi, and I could think about what was next.

Eventually come 2015 I was beginning to really label myself as bi, and I began to crave more than just idle thoughts about the opposite sex and sex in general.
I still wasn’t super confident with hooking up with a guy be it as a date or in my case at the time more a desire of having sex, but I was comfortable enough in wanting to do so.

On the same adult site I had been using to chat I began responding to messages away from chat, and seeking out profiles that I liked the look of. I knew I wanted the right person, someone who understood that I wasn’t the most confident guy out there and that I had never had any sexual experiences so I may want to go slow and work up to things.
As expected, some messages I got where from guys who didn’t read my profile and come in way too strong plus there was those who weren’t my type and couldn’t take no for an answer plus those half-way around the world from me.

Once I had sorted out the types of people that weren’t for me, too far away or just assholes I started to chat to someone who fit the bill reasonably well.
I wasn’t immediately attracted to them, but they seemed to be more understanding to what I wanted to get out of my experience and what they would get from me in return.
We conversed a number of times before finally settling on a date and time to meet in person.

As the day drew ever closer I was nervous, not because anything would go wrong, but because I didn’t really know what to do. I had dated a girl for 7 months in my mid-late teens but apart from that I hadn’t dated anyone and as I mentioned hadn’t had any sexual experience.
When the day finally arrived I was excitedly nervous but happy that I took the plunge and was going to be exploring things physically and not just in my head.

Initially we chatted, got to know each other more in the flesh even if we had already known each other from online chats. After a little while when we were both comfortable, particularly myself, things then progress from there.
Being the first meeting between us, we started off quite simply playing with each (HJ) without getting fully naked or engaging in any sex but this was perfect for me.
After we both finished and cooled down/relaxed for a little bit, he left and I sat there not as excited as I had hoped or thought in my mind.

As much as the experience was good the pleasure was not so much there likely as it was my first time so I didn’t know what to expect. Sure everything that happened was stuff I had experienced doing to myself, but with someone else doing it, particularly a guy, that changed the act greatly.

After some further online chatting, a further meeting was arranged, this time things would be taken up a notch.
As the day of the second meet arrived I was a little more excited and a little less nervous
even if i was going to lose my virginity and have sex for the first time.

Again like the first meet, we chatted and relaxed before getting down to any business.
We started slow, playing with each other and during this he leaned in for a kiss which I wasn’t quite ready for so rebuffed his attempt.
Then out of nowhere I had the urge to give my first ever blowjob. Not knowing what to do I made motions that I wanted to perform the act and was given the OK to proceed which I did. I didn’t spend long performing the BJ but once I was done I felt happy to have experienced it and that when I had the urge I also got the confidence to follow through.

It felt strange to me that I was happy to give him a BJ, and do some of the things we had or were going to do but not accept kissing him. I guess the physical attraction to him wasn’t enough to want to kiss but that the sexual attraction was there.

The play continued for a bit and then he communicated that he wanted me to fuck him if that was OK, whipping out a condom for me to use. The though of fucking a guy had been in my mind and I like the thought, but here it was being offered to me and I knew that I was comfortable doing it. I said to myself in my head that even if it turned out not great I would have at least experienced it, and that not everyone’s first time is good.

So as I put on the condom, lubed up a great deal and made sure he was ready, I slid myself into his ass and slowly worked my way up to a good rhythm or what I thought was good. Doggy style was the position as he leaned on my bed and I went back and fourth. After some time I came out and was ready to have some more penis play until we both finished.

Once cleaned up and he had left I sat there, again not as excited about the pleasure but more excited that I even got the confidence to follow through with something that I’d never have imagine would have happened. Here I was having just had sex with a guy, giving him a BJ and fucking his ass and finally being able to say I lost my virginity. It wasn’t a big thing for me to say I’d lost it and it’s not something I cared about, but it was nice to finally do it as a 28 year old.

In the weeks going forward we chatted occasionally but eventually I decided, as much as it was fun having fun with this guy twice, I knew I wasn’t that attracted to him and it was best that if he wanted more fun then I probably wouldn’t be the guy to give it to him going forward.

Moving on from this, I chatted with a few more guys, but nothing more ever came of these chats and I deleted my account on the adult site. The desire to meet guys and have fun was there, but not only did I not find anyone I liked enough but I was wondered if I was happy to just be hooking up for fun and nothing more.

I write this post in late October 2020, and I’m glad I explore my sexuality understanding that I was Bi, and that it was more than a passing thought in my head (I’m maybe now Pan).
I’m also glad that I got the confidence to hook up with a guy and lose my virginity with him. It definitely wasn’t the most pleasurable experience like I had imagined, but the act of doing it more than made up for that, and knowing that I could be confident enough to do things I may not have immediately thought possible (The same year I did a bungee jump when I’m not particularly keen on heights).

This post was not something I was sure I wanted to post, but if you’re reading it then I did posts, so a huge thanks to anyone that reads it.

Monday Musings #6 – It’s not all hardcore porn and sex, sex, sex (Appreciating the opposite, and body confidence)

I won’t lie, I consume a lot of porn each week and love it, I also love sex even if I can count the amount of times I’ve done it on less than half a hand. Watching others engage in sex or sexual activities can get me going, with it now and again helping me when I masturbate and in 2020 there is plenty of porn going to keep me busy.

Funnily enough though, as much as I watch a lot of hardcore and very sexual porn I actually love the exact opposite even more and to an extent things which aren’t classed as porn.
Seeing someone naked, semi-naked or wearing any kind of sexy attire from lingerie to full on clothing provides me with the greatest pleasure, especially when little or no sexual activity is taking place and when I view most of this with zero intention of masturbation.

If it’s someone say on twitter showing their ass, boobs or any party of their body I always appreciate that they took the time to share, and for some theu may not be or have been body confident and it makes me happy to see, as someone who isn’t always body confident myself. I wouldn’t use the word for any part of me, but I just don’t always like a lot of it.

I took a picture of my butt with a pink bunny tail for week 500 of Sinful Sunday, and it wasn’t until I uploaded the image that I saw some imperfections on my skin that I’ve never noticed before (I don’t often take pics of my ass) and for a second it bummed me out. I then realised I loved the overall pic and I got to see myself in one my favourite types of toy. Also I thought, that if i’ve never noticed these imperfections before when I may have had for some time, then why should I worry about them now.

[Quote Quest] How I work best

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving

Albert Einstein

As someone who owns a mountain bike and likes cycling i’m well aware that by constantly moving you are able to keep your balance, and like the quote I have found this to apply to my own life and how I best do things by keeping on moving..

“To keep your balance, you must keep moving”

Work Life.

Having started a new job 4 years ago I found that the more shifts I did over a longer period of the time the easier it became for me to feel comfortable in my work. and as in the quote I’d keep my balance. When I started I wasn’t always given regular shifts at least not kitchen shifts, the nature of the job of hospitiallity, but even so I always felt like I was slowing down and losing balance when I did get more shifts and finding it hard to keep going.

As the months and years passed I did get more and more shifts and eventually I was comfortable enough with the job I was doing so could easily regain my balance and keep moving even if there were quiet periods where I was forced to slow down i.e. quieter weeks.

The same thing applies to my everyday life and blogging too.

Everyday life.

The same balance analogy applies to my everyday life and to my blogging too.

At home there are lots of adulting tasks that need done and generally looking after my deaf mum who I live at home with. And in the last 10 years since my dad passed away I’ve found I need to be constantly doing things for me to keep my balance.

For instance making a phone call when needed, going to appointments with my mum or sorting any issues at home, these things may not be regular occurrences but by doing them when they happens means I’m still moving and in the future I am less likely to lose my balance or in my case feel stressed about doing things because I’ve got to used to doing things.


With regards to blogging, the quote for me is about sticking at my blog, making regular posts, and generally working on things even if it’s a draft post or altering the way things work/look on the blog.

If I keep working on the blog when I can then it helps me with future content when I’ve already got a lot of stuff, and if I relate it to the quote, the more I do equals the more I’m moving which in turn means I am able to easily work on new posts and therefore I’m keeping my balance.

Just as in riding a bike in real life, I know that the more I keep moving the better my balance is and therefore I keep myself moving in the right direction

My bike during a rest stop one summers afternoon

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[Lingerie Is For Everyone] Comfy and cosy while still looking good in the process.

The theme being Cosy and Comfy is apt for the time of year where it gets darker earlier, the cold creeps in and being comfy, cosy and warm inside with a nice hot drink maybe a nice fire going and even some light music in the background to soothe and relax your mind.

Even if what you wear is comfy and cosy, it doesn’t mean you can’t still look good no matter what you wear, and it’s something I’ve come to think about in some purchasing decisions more and more. I can pick up comfy and cosy if somewhat cheaper undies but still get something that’s very pretty and as an added bonus they can be perfect to get photos from and some may say they help me show off my ass which is the one part of me I would call good looking.

Unfortunately I not longer have this pair, but I’m hoping I can get more pairs of the same design if still available or find something that’s equally as pretty and can be worn more often that I would with Lingerie that’s not as cosy.

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