Different perspectives and learning from them.

Different perspectives and learning from them.

Until recently, the only memes I had seen in detail where the funny kind you see compilations of on YouTube, but as I’ve started blogging I’ve started to notice memes of the blogging kind, and even participated in them (Quote Quest and Lingerie Is For Everyone).

These memes have given me a goal to aim for and to be in by certain a time, in the case of Quote Quest it’s how I interpret a quite and then writing a post on it.
While having a goal and timeframe is great in allowing me to post more on my blog, these memes have done more than that.

As just about anyone can participate in these, I’ve found myself reading other peoples post and seeing their perspective on say a particular Quote, or whatever image/post is made for Lingerie Is For Everyone.

My blog title is Adult Exploration and while I have my own views I love just exploring everyone else’s. Sometimes seeing posts that fit into with myself makes me see what I maybe didn’t think of, but then seeing posts that are the exact opposite of mine allows me to see a different perspective and understand that everyone is different and have different experiences or that their mind works differently.

When reading others posts I sometimes am able to learn of things that I’m maybe not aware of or that I maybe have no interest for example kinks. As the saying goes “Your Kink Is Not My Kink” and even if that holds true for me I still enjoying reading and learning about what other people’s kinks.

It may even be that from these posts I understand things a lot more to the degree where I decide it may be something I want to explore like a new kink or a new way of doing things. It may also help me in blogging to take a different approach to things like the way I write certain posts, the wording I use or stop using and anything in general that can helpful as I continue my venture into blogging.

I can’t say I’ll know or remember everything, but through participating in these memes and the posts for them I am able to see many perspectives and learning/understand new things plus those I already knew of.

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