[Quote Quest] Work but not working

[Quote Quest] Work but not working

Wanking is only two letters away from working

Amy Norton, on reviewing sex toys

Me, Myself and I(ntro).

I’m not new to wanking/masturbation as I prefer to call it nor the world of sex toy reviewing but definitely new to getting serious about toy reviews, as in the last 2 months I’ve probably had more toys to review than I ever did get in the prior 6-7 years when I was reviewing very occasionally.

Now blogging on the other is something I’m new at (Started through my toy reviews being received well) and I still feel like I’m finding my feet, not only in terms of actual making a blog, its design and the technical side of it but also in having an identity and being able to know what and how I want to post while trying to be regular in posting where I can.

Toy reviews and Masturbation as work.

I’ve always engaged in masturbation as not only a way to relax and destress when needed, but also a way to get self-pleasure when I was in the mood.
Never did I consider maturbation as work, even when using toys I had bought for myself, because I only ever indulged when the mood was there, and I had no reason to do anything when I didn’t want to.

When the chance to potentially review toys came around I jumped on it. I could pick toys from a pre-populated list that took my fancy, and if successfully picked I’d get to experience new and exciting toys I may not otherwise buy at that particular time.

As they reviews went on the product reviews section of a website where there was product info and picture already there, and the reviews were not prominent outwith the product page I always approached them as a bit of fun. Yes I tried to be thorough in my reviews but they were never something I felt as though I had to treat like work as I only ever got one toy every so often and only if there was any I’d like. I would use the toys as if I had bought them myself albeit I had to write about them after a fair use.

Now, in the last 2 months I’ve had many toys sent to me for review, and since they were guest reviews on a blog that I myself often visited and for various companies I had to change my outlook on reviewing. I could take how I reviewed before and apply it to these reviews, but I then had to look it as a bit more work.

By work I don’t mean it in a bad way, more that I wanted to have a plan of how I would do my reviews. I’d want to make sure I got all the necessary photos of the products, took time to plan mu usage and spend the time using the toy learning it’s functions, what it did for me, find out good and bad points through this extended use and finally put everything down in words as best I could and making sure I was happy with things before submitting.

As I’ve had more time off work since I started reviewing toys these last few months I’ve had the pleasure of being able to call the masturbation/writing work. I don’t live alone or with a partner (Live at home with and look after a family member) so when I’ve had the time to start my review I could say “I have work to do” and get a secret smile knowing that it’s writing about toys.

Blogging as work?

As a newcomer to the world of blogging, I started due the reception my toy-reviews got, and because I found it pleasurable to write along with having all these things I felt would be good to get down in words. My blog is about my exploration in all things adult as I felt like there was so much I haven’t learned, explored or maybe explored more recently and that it would help me to write about with a possible audience.

When I started the blog I knew I didn’t want it to be work like. Sure I knew I’d have to work at it to get it all setup and figure out how wordpress worked, but for posting I didn’t want it to be work.
Any post I made had to come naturally and not forced. If I had an idea and started writing but couldn’t make it work then I’d either keep it as a draft until such times as I could come up with something, or I’d just scrap it all together. At the end of the day I don’t want to have a lot of content I don’t like just to say “Look” I have X number of posts on my blog

Now that my blog is setup somewhat and I have a few posts published, I feel like i’m sticking to my goals quite well. I’ve had 3 consecutive weeks of coming out with my short format Monday Musings posts, and I’ve a either trashed or drafted a number of posts rather than publishing plus I have few drafts which are to remind me of post ideas I’ve come up.

Work but not working

With my toy reviews as with my blog, I want to work at it and come out with the best I can at the end of the day, but at the same time I don’t want to ever feel like I’m working.

This is especially true during times off from my day job. At the moment I have more time off than I like, but whenever I go back to work I don’t then want to come home after work, or be home on one my days off for the week and feel like I have to then have to do work to review or write on my blog.
I’m finding writing when I’m in the mood to be relaxing, and more so when I just get at it so if I can do that then it will be less like work and more like fun.

I wasn’t going to post anything for this weeks QuoteQuest as I struggled to get anything out of what I had written, but reading a fellow post on this quote from LittleSwitchBitch got me thinking I could write something, and so I just started without a plan or any real idea and happened to just come up with that toy have read, so for those that read this, a big thank you.

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2 thoughts on “[Quote Quest] Work but not working

    1. Thank you soo much. IDK what it was about your post but I read it and got ideas in my head then just came here and wrote this post without much thinking.
      I’m certainly happy with the blog so far, and a little proud that I’ve got this far. Still, lots to learn about WordPress but I have the blog looking good enough that I can focus on posting as regularly as possible and see where things go from there in the future. 😊

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