Monday Musings #2 – 2 day staycation, which toy(s) do I take?

Monday Musings #2 – 2 day staycation, which toy(s) do I take?

Getting away.

Having taken 2 non-consecutive weeks off from work I decided to book a 2 day staycation for myself. I wanted to get away from home and try to relax as much as I could while also de-stressing where possible.

Now, as masturbation with or without toys can be relaxing for me, I decided I should take a toy or two away with me just in case wanted to indulge in a bit of relaxing fun.

A question of what?

Knowing I want to take toy(s) with me is the easy part. The question and hard part is, what do I take with me, what would I want to take and would I want to leave behind?


with the above question I came up with a criteria for what I wanted based on the trip i’m taking and detailed this criteria below.

As I’m only away for 2 nights I don’t want to take a bunch of toys, and as I’m only taking my backpack I don’t want to shove anything too big into it. I also don’t want to take anything that noisey or makes any kind of noise that people in other rooms might hear as I don’t know what the hotel I’m staying in is like.

Finally, I would like to take a mix of penis and butt toys just in in case I want to use one, the other or even both.

What am I choosing and why?

With the above criteria I looked through my toy-chest trying to get an idea of what fits, and what I want to take and in the end, I settled on taking the following toys:

  1. Pink bunny tailed butt plug – I love tails and this is lovely looking a small toy plus being a small anal toy means I don’t need to spend loots of time warming up and getting ready for using it like some bigger toys I have.
  2. Tenga FlipOrb Strong – It’s a slightly bigger masturbator, but I can get all kinds of fun from it and it’s easy to clean and store away in my bag
  3. Just Glide lube – I have a few sample sizes of this lube which I really enjoy, and being sample sizes mean they’re small and easy to fit in my bag, more so than the larger bottles of lube. Plus the larger bottles are pump action and may or may not leak in my particular bag once it’s full.

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