Monday Musings #1 – [Photo] My favourite toy and favourite photo.

Monday Musings #1 – [Photo] My favourite toy and favourite photo.

Welcome to the first Monday Musings post on the blog, for those interested in what Monday Musings is all about, please see the introduction post.
Now onto you’re regularly scheduled post.


I started owning and using sex-toys way back in around 2013, and in the 7 years since I’ve had the pleasure of owning a decent number and variety of different kinds.

With the above in mind, I asked myself, what is my favourite toy? What out of everything I own currently or have owned in the past would I put at #1 on my list, if I ever made a list and ranked toys on it.


The answer to the above question needed no thinking on my part, and I instantly knew what it was.

So what is my favourite then, well it’s not a singular toy but….Tailed plugs to be exact.
It’s no secret that I love anal toys, and there is something about having a plug with a tail that really excites me. A tail doesn’t provide any physical pleasure like the actual plug it’s attached to, but It does provide a very visual stimulant and for me even if I’m not that interested in animal/pet-play I just love seeing a tail coming from out my butt.


Now I’m not one for taking lots of photos of myself, but having won a tail plug in a competition a couple of years ago I decided I’d take a picture of it in me.

The result was one of my favourite pictures ever, and something I was kind of proud of and showed just why I love wearing tails.

So take a look and judge for yourself.

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