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Different perspectives and learning from them.

Different perspectives and learning from them.

Until recently, the only memes I had seen in detail where the funny kind you see compilations of on YouTube, but as I’ve started blogging I’ve started to notice memes of the blogging kind, and even participated in them (Quote Quest and Lingerie Is For Everyone).

These memes have given me a goal to aim for and to be in by certain a time, in the case of Quote Quest it’s how I interpret a quite and then writing a post on it.
While having a goal and timeframe is great in allowing me to post more on my blog, these memes have done more than that.

As just about anyone can participate in these, I’ve found myself reading other peoples post and seeing their perspective on say a particular Quote, or whatever image/post is made for Lingerie Is For Everyone.

My blog title is Adult Exploration and while I have my own views I love just exploring everyone else’s. Sometimes seeing posts that fit into with myself makes me see what I maybe didn’t think of, but then seeing posts that are the exact opposite of mine allows me to see a different perspective and understand that everyone is different and have different experiences or that their mind works differently.

When reading others posts I sometimes am able to learn of things that I’m maybe not aware of or that I maybe have no interest for example kinks. As the saying goes “Your Kink Is Not My Kink” and even if that holds true for me I still enjoying reading and learning about what other people’s kinks.

It may even be that from these posts I understand things a lot more to the degree where I decide it may be something I want to explore like a new kink or a new way of doing things. It may also help me in blogging to take a different approach to things like the way I write certain posts, the wording I use or stop using and anything in general that can helpful as I continue my venture into blogging.

I can’t say I’ll know or remember everything, but through participating in these memes and the posts for them I am able to see many perspectives and learning/understand new things plus those I already knew of.

[Quote Quest] Work but not working

[Quote Quest] Work but not working

Wanking is only two letters away from working

Amy Norton, on reviewing sex toys

Me, Myself and I(ntro).

I’m not new to wanking/masturbation as I prefer to call it nor the world of sex toy reviewing but definitely new to getting serious about toy reviews, as in the last 2 months I’ve probably had more toys to review than I ever did get in the prior 6-7 years when I was reviewing very occasionally.

Now blogging on the other is something I’m new at (Started through my toy reviews being received well) and I still feel like I’m finding my feet, not only in terms of actual making a blog, its design and the technical side of it but also in having an identity and being able to know what and how I want to post while trying to be regular in posting where I can.

Toy reviews and Masturbation as work.

I’ve always engaged in masturbation as not only a way to relax and destress when needed, but also a way to get self-pleasure when I was in the mood.
Never did I consider maturbation as work, even when using toys I had bought for myself, because I only ever indulged when the mood was there, and I had no reason to do anything when I didn’t want to.

When the chance to potentially review toys came around I jumped on it. I could pick toys from a pre-populated list that took my fancy, and if successfully picked I’d get to experience new and exciting toys I may not otherwise buy at that particular time.

As they reviews went on the product reviews section of a website where there was product info and picture already there, and the reviews were not prominent outwith the product page I always approached them as a bit of fun. Yes I tried to be thorough in my reviews but they were never something I felt as though I had to treat like work as I only ever got one toy every so often and only if there was any I’d like. I would use the toys as if I had bought them myself albeit I had to write about them after a fair use.

Now, in the last 2 months I’ve had many toys sent to me for review, and since they were guest reviews on a blog that I myself often visited and for various companies I had to change my outlook on reviewing. I could take how I reviewed before and apply it to these reviews, but I then had to look it as a bit more work.

By work I don’t mean it in a bad way, more that I wanted to have a plan of how I would do my reviews. I’d want to make sure I got all the necessary photos of the products, took time to plan mu usage and spend the time using the toy learning it’s functions, what it did for me, find out good and bad points through this extended use and finally put everything down in words as best I could and making sure I was happy with things before submitting.

As I’ve had more time off work since I started reviewing toys these last few months I’ve had the pleasure of being able to call the masturbation/writing work. I don’t live alone or with a partner (Live at home with and look after a family member) so when I’ve had the time to start my review I could say “I have work to do” and get a secret smile knowing that it’s writing about toys.

Blogging as work?

As a newcomer to the world of blogging, I started due the reception my toy-reviews got, and because I found it pleasurable to write along with having all these things I felt would be good to get down in words. My blog is about my exploration in all things adult as I felt like there was so much I haven’t learned, explored or maybe explored more recently and that it would help me to write about with a possible audience.

When I started the blog I knew I didn’t want it to be work like. Sure I knew I’d have to work at it to get it all setup and figure out how wordpress worked, but for posting I didn’t want it to be work.
Any post I made had to come naturally and not forced. If I had an idea and started writing but couldn’t make it work then I’d either keep it as a draft until such times as I could come up with something, or I’d just scrap it all together. At the end of the day I don’t want to have a lot of content I don’t like just to say “Look” I have X number of posts on my blog

Now that my blog is setup somewhat and I have a few posts published, I feel like i’m sticking to my goals quite well. I’ve had 3 consecutive weeks of coming out with my short format Monday Musings posts, and I’ve a either trashed or drafted a number of posts rather than publishing plus I have few drafts which are to remind me of post ideas I’ve come up.

Work but not working

With my toy reviews as with my blog, I want to work at it and come out with the best I can at the end of the day, but at the same time I don’t want to ever feel like I’m working.

This is especially true during times off from my day job. At the moment I have more time off than I like, but whenever I go back to work I don’t then want to come home after work, or be home on one my days off for the week and feel like I have to then have to do work to review or write on my blog.
I’m finding writing when I’m in the mood to be relaxing, and more so when I just get at it so if I can do that then it will be less like work and more like fun.

I wasn’t going to post anything for this weeks QuoteQuest as I struggled to get anything out of what I had written, but reading a fellow post on this quote from LittleSwitchBitch got me thinking I could write something, and so I just started without a plan or any real idea and happened to just come up with that toy have read, so for those that read this, a big thank you.

You can find more of my QuoteQuest posts HERE or click the image below to go the main QuoteQuests site

Monday Musings #3 – [Photos] What treasures are hidden in my large wooden chest?

Monday Musings #3 – [Photos] What treasures are hidden in my large wooden chest?

As I’ve started reviewing a lot of toys over the last 2 months, my collection has increased greatly, and after receiving another batch of review toys this week it was perfect time to finally get to my post listing what is currently in my collection.

And yes I have a large wooden chest where I keep all my toys. I used to use a smaller IKEA white box but it got too small so I repurposed my chest from crap storage to toy storage. I have now as of may 21 moved some of the bigger toys to small cupoards under a side board unit in my office, and as many smaller toys into reuable food bags within my chest to make space for future items

So here is list of my current toys as of 25/10/2020. I’ve omitted lube and did a basic A-Z sorting with categories
In the future when I get more toys and expand my lube collection I will update this as and when.

*Update 1* 27/12/20 – Added couple toys
*Update 2* 19/01/21 – Added 3 toys
*Update 3* 01/03/21 – Added 3 toys
*Update 4* 07/05/21 – Added 6 toys and new category


Arcwave Ion
Bathmate – Power Rings (Barbarian, Gladiator, Spartan)
Bathmate – Penis ring x4 different kinds with vibes
Bathmate – Hydromax x30
Fuck me – Twerking style masturbator
Nature Skin – Pussy & Ass Masturbator
Rebel – Ultra soft vibrating silicone masturbator
Rebel – Masturbator with 2 functions
Rebel – Masturbator with 2 functions (F-spot stimulation and warming)
Rebel – Automatic Penis Pump
Rebel – The Surge (Rocks Off Ltd Edition)
Rebel – Cock and Ball ring
Satisfyer – Men One
Sweet Smile – Warming Masturbator
Tenga Cups x16
Tenga – FlipOrb Strong (Orange Crash)
Tenga – Flip ZERO EV (Black Strong Edition)
Tenga – Geo Aqua
Tenga – Spinner Brick
Tenga – Crysta Ball
The Handy
Vibrating Glans Sucker
You2Toys Power Rotation
You2Toys remote controlled cock ring
You2Toys vibrating multi pump and masturbator


Bad Kitty – Pet Play Plug & Ears (Cat tail)
Bathmate – Douche
Black velvets – Ring & Plug
Black Velvets – Vibrating Plug Medium
Colourful Joy – Bunny Tail Butt Plug
Bondara – Glass Tail Butt Plug
Dr Joel Kaplan – Power Probe Vibrating Prostate Massager
Frisky – Faux Fur Fox Tail Glass Butt Plug (Minus Tail)
Horny Pony – Pony Tail Butt Plug
Lelo – Hugo
Lelo – Loki
Lovehoney – Douche
Lovehoney – Booty Buddy Butt Plug
Lovehoney – Curve Bruiser
Rebel – Rechargeable Prostate Stimulator
Rebel – The Surge (Rocks Off Ltd Edition)
You2Toys – Push It
You2Toys – Silicone Butt Plug (Heart shaped gem on bottom)


Lovehoney – Lifelike Realistic 6 Inch Dildo
Xou xou vibrating cumshot rabbit vibe
You2Toys cumshot

BDSM Stuff

Bad Kitty collar and cuffs

Meo flogger

Meo ankle or wrist and thigh restraint

Meo gag

Meo paddle


You2Toys Rechargable Power Wand
Shake Magic – Magic Wand


Accessoire Bizarre – Vinyl Sheet

Monday Musings #2 – 2 day staycation, which toy(s) do I take?

Monday Musings #2 – 2 day staycation, which toy(s) do I take?

Getting away.

Having taken 2 non-consecutive weeks off from work I decided to book a 2 day staycation for myself. I wanted to get away from home and try to relax as much as I could while also de-stressing where possible.

Now, as masturbation with or without toys can be relaxing for me, I decided I should take a toy or two away with me just in case wanted to indulge in a bit of relaxing fun.

A question of what?

Knowing I want to take toy(s) with me is the easy part. The question and hard part is, what do I take with me, what would I want to take and would I want to leave behind?


with the above question I came up with a criteria for what I wanted based on the trip i’m taking and detailed this criteria below.

As I’m only away for 2 nights I don’t want to take a bunch of toys, and as I’m only taking my backpack I don’t want to shove anything too big into it. I also don’t want to take anything that noisey or makes any kind of noise that people in other rooms might hear as I don’t know what the hotel I’m staying in is like.

Finally, I would like to take a mix of penis and butt toys just in in case I want to use one, the other or even both.

What am I choosing and why?

With the above criteria I looked through my toy-chest trying to get an idea of what fits, and what I want to take and in the end, I settled on taking the following toys:

  1. Pink bunny tailed butt plug – I love tails and this is lovely looking a small toy plus being a small anal toy means I don’t need to spend loots of time warming up and getting ready for using it like some bigger toys I have.
  2. Tenga FlipOrb Strong – It’s a slightly bigger masturbator, but I can get all kinds of fun from it and it’s easy to clean and store away in my bag
  3. Just Glide lube – I have a few sample sizes of this lube which I really enjoy, and being sample sizes mean they’re small and easy to fit in my bag, more so than the larger bottles of lube. Plus the larger bottles are pump action and may or may not leak in my particular bag once it’s full.

[Lingerie Is For Everyone] A Scotsman and his kilt.

When I decided to make a post for Lingerie Is For Everyone. I had no idea what to do, that was until I glanced over at the door in my office and realised I had something hanging off of it that be perfect to get pictures of.

A Scotsman’s Kilt

On my office door hung my kilt, not every single part that made up a kilt but just the kilt itself.
It had been hanging there for god knows how long as I very very rarely wore it, and not just because there wasn’t any occasions to wear it, but also because i’m not someone who enjoys wearing smart clothing like suits or in this case a kilt.

Fun Fact: I didn’t realise how difficult wearing the kilt would be. I know I’ve gained a little bit of weight, but oh boy did I have a hard time making it fit on me and it barely did.

Although I’m not one for smart clothing, in cases like this were I’m only taking photos, happen to be in the comfort of my own home and can be more casual with it then I might enjoy wearing a kilt a little more than usual.

What does a true Scotsman wear under his Kilt?

The above question has been asked the world over and usually the answer to it is that a “True Scotsman” wears nothing under his Kilt.

So if I’m a true Scotsman, born and raised, then what am I wearing under the Kilt I have on, well for the purposes of this post I’m wearing some undies.

Side note:

If Lingerie Is For Everyone has made me think about things the first is, I would like to add more lingerie and just sexy clothing to my collection, but the latter is still something i’ve yet to muster up the confidence and actually buy anything or even really look up things I may want but that’s for the future, and maybe when I do I can share either for a topic like this or just on its own.

The 2nd thinking it’s done is make me want to have a better setup for taking picture like above, even if it’s still just using my smartphone camera, just having a easier way to get nicer photos plus editing them a little.

Thanks to violetfawkes for hosting Lingerie Is For Everyone, click the image below to go to her page on the topic, and finally thanks for viewing this post.

[Quote Quest] Just living is not enough,” said the butterfly, “one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.

[Quote Quest] Just living is not enough,” said the butterfly, “one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.

Just living is not enough,” said the butterfly, “one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.

Hans Christian Anderson

I loved this quote when I saw it as a future inclusion in Quote Quest, and immediately I knew exactly the type of post I could write on it, since the quote seemed to fit the way I am rather well.

I’m not going to delve deep into the origins of the quote and I’m just going to be writing based on the quote as it is here on it’s own.

Just living is not enough,” said the butterfly, “

Life is not about just living, but about getting more out of it, and there are lots of people who will want more from their own lives like I do myself.

I may be somewhat shy, quiet, not as sociable or overly confident IRL and therefore it may seem like I’m just going through an Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat existence which I’m not.
I want to live my life to the fullest, or at least as much as I can

one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.


Not only do I see the sunshine in the literal sense as a sunny day, as I love sunny days where a warmth and general happiness can be found when enjoying the weather, but I also see it as the happiness around me.
This happiness may be from people I interact with, whether it be those at work, friends or people online allowing me to enjoy conversations with them, and in the case of work sometimes having a fun shift.

Not everything I can control, but I know the happiness can be there and in my current job it keeps me going even when the going gets tough.


With freedom it’s not always about doing whatever I want to do, but knowing that I have the option to do what I want.

For example when I have shorter days/weeks at work, especially in the summer when we have the odd sunny say, I love the freedom of being able to just go home and relax or walk about town grabbing some lunch and maybe a coffee as I sit in the park a minute from work looking up at the magnificent castle as I relax.

I love the freedom writing gives me, and with posts like Quote Quest I can just sit here and write to my heart’s desire. I don’t always have to plan ahead and can just put down in words what comes to me until I’m satisfied.

Finally the freedom to explore who I am is something I get great pleasure from.
Like I said at the beginning I’m shy, quiet and not overly confident, but over the last 10 years I’ve done a lot change this even if just in the way I see myself and a few others see me. From getting tattoos, bungee jumping & bridge swing, exploring my sexuality mentally and physically with guys, using toys and lots more amongst other such things.
I had the freedom to explore all of the above and I did, some of it as soon as the chance arose or some of it years after my first bit of interest.

Little Flower

I see the little flower as not necessarily a flower but rather the things in my life that bring me happiness and joy. As above this might be getting a tattoo, doing adventurous things or finding who I am, but it can also be the other hobbies/interests I have like building computers and playing with new tech, attending live events/gigs (Rock and metal mainly) or even just the entertainment I get from YouTube subscriptions.
When life is good, or when life may not be going so well, it’s these little flowers that keep me going.

Others may in fact like flowers, gardening, nature or many different things compared to what I like, but at the end of the day we all need something (Little flowers) to bring us happiness.


To summarise, I feel like living in an Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat existence is like going through motions of life and no matter how big or small it may be, we should be doing more in our lives.

We should be enjoying the freedom to do whatever we want, whatever gives us joy in life and enjoy the little flowers that may accompany said freedom.

Monday Musings #1 – [Photo] My favourite toy and favourite photo.

Monday Musings #1 – [Photo] My favourite toy and favourite photo.

Welcome to the first Monday Musings post on the blog, for those interested in what Monday Musings is all about, please see the introduction post.
Now onto you’re regularly scheduled post.


I started owning and using sex-toys way back in around 2013, and in the 7 years since I’ve had the pleasure of owning a decent number and variety of different kinds.

With the above in mind, I asked myself, what is my favourite toy? What out of everything I own currently or have owned in the past would I put at #1 on my list, if I ever made a list and ranked toys on it.


The answer to the above question needed no thinking on my part, and I instantly knew what it was.

So what is my favourite then, well it’s not a singular toy but….Tailed plugs to be exact.
It’s no secret that I love anal toys, and there is something about having a plug with a tail that really excites me. A tail doesn’t provide any physical pleasure like the actual plug it’s attached to, but It does provide a very visual stimulant and for me even if I’m not that interested in animal/pet-play I just love seeing a tail coming from out my butt.


Now I’m not one for taking lots of photos of myself, but having won a tail plug in a competition a couple of years ago I decided I’d take a picture of it in me.

The result was one of my favourite pictures ever, and something I was kind of proud of and showed just why I love wearing tails.

So take a look and judge for yourself.

Monday Musings – An introduction to a new weekly post format.

Monday Musings – An introduction to a new weekly post format.

Welcome to Monday Musings, which I hope can become a weekly segment on my blog.

One of my main goals is to use this as a way post shorter format content from stuff that maybe isn’t suitable for a longer main post, or that I can’t make fit in longer form.
Along with short posts I may add photos, and some writing to accompany them.

I may also just add in random thoughts I have, and post about things going on in life that fit my blog theme.
Sure you can read my thoughts and everyday goings on via my twitter timeline, but it likely won’t be the same stuff posted here.

I’m probably not the first nor last person to do something like this, but I hope you find it a good read, and if you have any feedback please let me know.

There should the first post of Monday Musings scheduled to go up a little bit after this, so watch out for that.

Who am I, and what did I do with the old me?

Who am I, and what did I do with the old me?

As I browsed non straight porn, looked at potential sex toys I may review and stared at a wordpress post editing page one late night, my mind suddenly stopped to think “Who am I”
Everything being done was normal, nothing out of the ordinary so to speak except it wasn’t me or at least the old version of myself.

Porn isn’t new to me, in fact I dread to think how much of it I have watched over the years, but in the past I’d have stuck to mostly straight porn.
The same goes for toys, I’m new to toys or even reviewing them, although younger me wouldn’t have considered using toys, and even when I did get into I never reviewed in the manner in which I have been doing recently, my reviews can be found here over at the Littleswitchbitch blog.
As for blogging, well again younger me wouldn’t have blogged, and even slightly older me would have had an idea to do it but never really committed himself to starting one.

“I thought I knew who I was”

I’ve always been a quiet kind of person, and never really though of myself as overly confident if at all, even though I’ve done some adventurous things in life, that some would say you’d need some kind of confidence to do.

My older teen/early 20s were stuck trying to be the person I thought I wanted to be, never straying too far out of my comfort zone and never being able to embrace new experiences like I am doing now. I thought I knew who I was and felt comfortable in myself, and what I was doing whilst shying away from things without really experiencing them enough.

“If I thought I knew who I was then I would only be half-right.”

If I thought I knew who I was then I would only be half-right. The basics like what type of music did I listen to, did I play video games, any hobbies I had, all of which were “me” but there was plenty beyond that which I had yet to fully experience, and therefore I didn’t realise just what part they would play in me becoming who I am and who I will be.

“Confidence, and a little bit of exploration was at play here.”

As I got older and certain things sadly changed in life, I then began to have the freedom to partake in adventurous life experiences more than I did before and this translated into my personal/sexual life too.

I started to want to explore sex-toys as a way to spice up my self-pleasure, and although I didn’t get comfortable with it from the get-go I did eventually, and so began my journey with toys, and even branching out into exploring prostate play.
I also questioned my sexuality and realised I was more than just straight, and in fact I considered myself bi-sexual to the point where I even engaged in same-sex sex which for me happened to be how I lost my virginity.

A little more confidence, and a little bit of exploration was at play here. I was starting to explore things more than I had, and my confidence to do so, was little by little increasing along with my comfort levels in what I was doing.

“The beginning of who I now really am?”

As I had become a lot more confident and comfortable I began to do more and even just having confidence to consider doing more. Is this the beginning of who I now really am?

I started to do the odd review of toys and started to move away from the inexperienced “just buy whatever is cheap or looks good” and actually understand what’s what, what might work for me and just make more informed decisions.

I also began to get a desire to blog, put my thoughts and feelings down online for people to read and see where it went. This never materialised until now but it was a start.

Although I may have not really explored my bisexuality any further I still considered bisexual as a good fit for me, though as of recently I’ve considered whether that still holds true or maybe a different term would be suitable as i’m attracted to more than the standard 2 sexes and may be limiting.

“It’s me, but it’s not me”

The person sitting at this computer, writing this post, It’s me, but it’s not me. There’s lots I still do that I did before, and plenty that I would never have even considered doing in the past.
I’ve began to explore myself more, experienced more and as much as that isn’t me, in 2020 and beyond it’s most certainly is me.

I’m not a different person, I haven’t suddenly become someone else but I am now older and more comfortable with who I am.
There me be slight alterations as I further explore and understand things I have yet to fully learn about but for the most part these are minor changes.

How I define my sexuality currently, and what about the future?

How I define my sexuality currently, and what about the future?


To look at my sexuality from the present day and beyond, I must take a brief look back. I won’t dive into too many details as I wrote a post hosted over at mysparkletits blog which you can read here.


From my earlier years where I began to understand sexuality, at least on the most basic level of straight and gay or lesbian, I never really defined myself as any but would have said straight if you had asked me, and this was the case for a good few years.
I had a huge crush on a girl in primary school and even in high school my first true love was a girl in my class and so while I didn’t call myself straight that would have been what I’d have called myself

As I got older I began to realise there was maybe more to my sexuality, mainly through my love of a band and it’s singer who happened to be gay. I always liked the music he made in his band and as a solo artist but getting older mean I understood that I may have had an attraction to him more than musically.

This realisation then lead me to see more guys as attractive which I dismissed initially before I started eventually question myself and really take notice of these feelings I may have had but weren’t letting them out.

After a large on and off period I started to explore this attraction to guy, and eventually in 2015 I had some NSA fun with a few guys which I liked, if not necessarily liking the guy (Personal preference) and from here I could finally put a name to things, this name bi-sexual. I still liked the girls, but at the same time I was finding myself thinking about guys more often than I had, and so I settled with bi for that reason.

Current day terms for myself

It’s currently October 2020 and while I still use the term bi-sexual for me it’s becoming a term I may not be 100% settled on but it’s one that’s easiest to describe at the moment.

On the flip side, being out as bi online has made me see many more people with different identities and has me question the term, and whether it really suits me and my particular sexuality? I no longer see myself as being interested in just guy or girls, and actually I don’t think I have a set type of person I like these days, which makes me feel like bi-sexual is too restrictive.

Although I may not be out as bi in my real life It’s still the term I would use for now.
I can’t really use another term if I’m not comfortable in knowing how it really feels for me, and I don’t feel comfortable in chopping and changing terms.

What the future holds

In it’s current state my sexual preference is settled. I’ve come to grips with who I like and it won’t be changing in the future.
As for my sexuality terminology, I do feel like I’ll be moving away from calling myself bi-sexual but moving to what is a different matter.

I guess it’s a case of test-driving various terms and seeing what I feel fits me best, and what I’m comfortable not only calling myself, but also conveying to others online and IRL.

At the end of the day I know it’s not always important as to what you call yourself, what name you use, and as long as you’re comfortable knowing your own sexuality then that’s the main thing, but It’s nice to be able to have a label for myself.